Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Complete Storm Raven and Furioso Pics! Feb 22 Release announced!

 Old School here with some great pics of a complete Storm Raven from Multiple angles as well as the Furioso Dread. These are pics of the kit and not conversions, let's have a look ...
So far, I already retract my previous statements about how ugly it is and I personally can't wait to make a chaos version. Iron Within and all ...

 It really does help to see the model at different angles

 All in all I like it much more after seeing these shots and I think there is a lot of great things that can be done with this kit, but all I can really think about is the inevitable Death Company rushes I will be seeing from this thing in the future.
 Next up is the Furioso Dreadnought kit (too.led out as a Death Company Dread) which didn't get as much love on the webz, but I think it is a very sexy kit, though that is coming from a very Chaos Slanted angle ...

 The sinister skull and the wicked talons just beg to be turned to the Dark Gods!

Expect me to pick up and paint both of these kits and to kitbash the left overs when I am done. BTW, funny how GW still uses the exact same Dread base after all these years!

Now I turn it over to you! Sound off, the world wants to know what you think of these two kits? BTW, props to Anything But Ones for bringing this to my attention!


  1. Im gonna own 3 Storm Ravens day 1.


  2. God i hate the Storm Raven kit!

    It feels so completely out of line with what GW have been producing lately, which is lots of great kits. This im afraid really doesnt fit the bill for me!

    The Dread on the other hand llooks awsesome!

  3. I like it a lot better as well with the new angles. It's still a love/hate relationship as I think the front bit is too boxy but much better. Furioso also looks nice.

  4. Its surprising how much a simple change in camera angles can make a model go from awful looking to pretty cool. lookin forward to seeing this model on the table now. still think they should include a VW symbol on the sprue to put on the front though

  5. I need to secure a couple of those Dreadnought Claws for my Space Wolves dreadnoughts!

  6. I think it's not that bad as people make it to be. Basically a smaller Land Raider with wings. Works for me!

  7. Works for me too, the front is a Thunderhawk and the rear is Star Wars... :)