Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blood Angels Pre-Order + Pics of complete models and unblurred Sprues!

Old School here with a VERY pic-heavy Blood Angels Post. First off, the Storm Raven, Blood Angels Dreadnought and the Blood Angels Battle Force are up for Pre-Order at GW, check it out, second, courtesy of Anything But Ones, we also have pics of the complete models and we are going to compare those to photos from GW and also take a look at the Sprues. There are tons of photos to look at and I would love to hear your thoughts (authors who can snowmobile, feel free) ...

CVinton here about the box set,

And this is a cool surprise for you BA players; a box set! I hadn't heard anything about this rumor. The upped the price but included a pretty decent amount of stuff. The total retail of the contents are 133.00 so your pretty much getting a Death Company or a rhino or a tac squad for free. I'm sort of "meh" about the contents, mainly the tac squad, but its fine. In the end it just means you'll start seeing Death Company bits on ebay for cheaper finally.

First off, when I saw this kit the first time, I gave it a beating. The Storm Raven to me, had to be the ugliest vehicle I had seen, but looking at the photos of the completed model (also ran in our last post), I have changed my mind and I actually think this kit looks pretty cool.

One of the things I really like is that it comes with quite a few weapon options. I may never use the Plasma in my counts as antics, but I certainly appreciate the extra weapons for later use/ magnetization.

The kit seems pretty straight forward from the sprue pics, seeming to come in rather nice, big sections without the fragility we see in the recent raider kit.
I can already see Ork players gearing up to loot these bits for the engines and maybe even a hull for their scrap yard vehicles and I don't blame them. One really good note here for the Grey Knight players, you can see your icons on the sprue, you have the vehicle, go ahead and pre-order it!
Next up is the Blood Angels Dreadnought kit, which will include options for the Libby, the Furioso and the Death Company dreads.
The Libby dread looks cool, but it seems like the sprue below gives you the option for a complete halberd, which is much more appealing to me than the wrist mounted weapon/hand seen in the photo below. The libby sarcophugus looks pretty awesome and I see some potential there for some Chaos action, but the real Chaos converters dream is the Death Company Dread.

Cvinton here, I'm really liking the librarian dread. This thing is pretty sweet looking and really gives you a lot of space to work with. Over all this kit seems pretty sweet considering how many options you get in one box. I hope that GW does more in this direction as that its really great for the retailer. Instead of having to shelf 3 45$ boxes, they only have to shelve one. I've seen a normal dread sit on the shelf at our FLGS for months meanwhile vens are flying off the shelves and ironclads are a happy medium between the two. Or I've gone in for a ven and they just had an ironclad and a vanilla dread. Not the case with this box set!
Here is the GW photo:
And here is the complete model as it comes off the Sprue, as you can see, it has the claws and the skull face that really speaks to the madness of the Death Company, while also giving a great conversion opportunity for Chaos players (even though our dreads suck, Counts-as HO!)

I don't want to beat the horse to death repeating the same stuff I have been talking about for two posts in a row or with sprue pics that we have seen a million times, so I leave you to take a look around.

Here is a link to GW's Pre-Orders, Let's hear what you think!


  1. I really like the Stormraven, but dang $66. GW is rapidly approaching critical mass for price points for me, even with the discounts most LGS offer.

  2. Agreed. Its getting to the point were you have to find those online sources and really pulling at my loyalty to the local game store. Our store usually knocks about 10% off so it'd be 60$ there but then tax puts it right back on and you're looking at almost 64$ where as a lot of the online places do 20-25% and if you order enough shipping is free. Its a pretty big personal conflict for me because I've always had my nose in the game store I gamed at and understand how much the owners lives on the knifes edge of closing.

    Just remember, if it wasn't for the game store, where would you use all that plastic crack you bought online??

  3. I agree with that Cvinton, but only if our flgs sold at 20% off like the majority of the west side of the state does. They would probably do more volume of business and shut down the local competition.

  4. Yeah I don't have a problem buying at my FLGS (Evo or Gamers Sanctuary) but they don't control the base price, unfortunately. I just feel like their prices have gone WAY up past any kind of inflation. I know the VAT is all screwy in Europe... move over here!

    I agree with OST on the 20%, though