Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You haven't done what?

Ok guys, this is a subject that we all have from time to time when friends at our (and I'm sure at your) local FLGS have with each other. Its the "Wait, you haven't used that unit?" Or "That unit is not in your normal list?" As such I figure I should put out there what my own unit is, and then hopefully hear from all of you.

For me its silly really, I -know- how good they are, I know I can get a hold of the model if i want to, but i just never seem to fit it in or think about putting it in my lists unless I am doing something really, really silly.

Its the Valkyrie/Vendetta.

I know, I know "How can you go without!?!? It's a fast transport! AND ONE OF THEM HAS TRIPLE TWIN LINKED LASCANNONS!!!!!"

Ok I get it... no need to yell... weirdos. I know its good, I know I could use it, I know I can make lists that work well with it.... but because I do not own the model I don't make the lists, and because I don't make the lists... I don't buy the model. That is besides the fact that my typical style of play (ask any of my opponents) is to turtle up as much as possible and make you come to me and deal with my gun-line, with the odd Stormtrooper squad deep striking in to cause havoc amongst your lines.

So what about you? What unit in your codex is there that you just don't seem to use, even though it is really a good unit in the codex? (I mean common I don't use Penal Legion Squads but who does? They suck.)

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. For Chaos, I have fielded everything, even the spawn (just once in my first game because they came in the box - put your pitchforks away).

    For Nids, I just haven't had the models, but I'd have to say Yrgmals - I know they are cool and I know they can do some amazing stuff (hello, multi-assault on LSS's Leman Russ squadron!), but I just haven't done it yet ... yet.

  2. Eldar close combat units... they never ever work for me so I don't use them.

  3. Imperial Guard: Manticores! I love the models, i love the devastation, but my lists dont allow them; Elysians, with 2 Vendettas by the way, Death Korps which is an IA list, and my Vostroyans, well I like my Medusa to much!!

  4. For me, it is Thunder Wolves for my Space Wolves army. I seen everybody else that runs Space Wolves use them, and they seem really good at just shredding whatever they run into, but I really can't afford to buy the models they use for them or play high enough points game where they would be even a points-wise a good idea.

  5. I run an eldar ulthwe list and I don't run guardians. (those forums are looking to burn my list at the stake) though I make up for it by running a troop-heavy deldar list.


  6. I don't get Thunderwolves. I just don't.

    Maybe if I mounted them on giant bikes or something:)

  7. I play Chaos Marines and really don't like the Defiler...

    I think it doesn't suit my Alpha Legion theme

  8. I never play sentinles in my guard list. I have one and always dream of throwing him into some 10 man spacemarine unit that has a power weapon and lol'zing but whenever it comes to list building I'm like "...uh.....nah!" The guard players at our local store love doing that. I just can't get behind the point cost vs effectiveness. I feel like I'll only really see it shine in like 15-20% of the games I play. Other than that its just a BS3 auto cannon or an overly priced plasma cannon.

    And until recently I never rand a land raider or terminators. Even now though, after I've played them I'm still not sold on the points sink that they are. Everytime I throw a handful of dice and one or more 1's show up my heart drops. I'm still not sure where thous success stories or people mowing down entire armies with just their assault terminators come from. However, I will say that my land raider is awesome. That thing never dies and even though its just a redeemer, its done it's job every single time! (Ask OST)

  9. I wouldn't use a defiler either, it looks like some kind of off brand children's toy you'd buy at Meijer.

    For tyranids, I haven't ever used a harpy. I like the idea, but it seems like it'd get shot down by bolters so fast.

    For BA, I don't really ever use Death Company. I just don't like them anymore.

    For both armies, I don't ever use special characters. I'm just not a fan, I don't really like how they change the way the game is played. I realize I'm at a disadvantage from this but oh well.

  10. I have to agree on Eldar c.c units - with Wave Serpents holding those units back they hardly get into assault.

    I never use Death Company either. Wicked models, but not scoring troops and costing a lot of points is a downside :(

  11. As a codex marine player, I do not run bikes. I know that T5 marines with a 12 inch move and scoring capabilities depending on if your captain is on a bike can be very strong. I just perfer tactical marines and rhinos to get the job done.

    Another unit I do not use is sternguard veterans. And these, I know, can be game winners. I think what is keeping me from running these models is point and dollar cost to afford them.

  12. hrm... i agree with Cvinton, i never seem to use sentinals, i have better uses for the fast slots, i'd rather use rough riders before sentinals... for my other armies not sure,

    sisters i don't use seraphim, which many think is insane, and yes i know they can contest objectives amazingly...

    chaos warriors, i refuse to use lash princes, for that matter i refuse to use any slanesh units for theme

    daemons, again i don't use any slanesh units...

    orks, i don't use orks... i use grots and zero boyz

    dark eldar, i don't use wyches, idk why really i just don't

    eldar, i have enough to field 3 units of anything in the army so i guess this one doesn't work for this

    necrons, all i have is warriors and a lord, so thats what i field, (i got them for fun games in 2nd ed)

    space marines, i don't use scouts i have thought about it and if i played them more i probably would.

    blood angels, baal predators, not sure why they seem great but i never seem to find points in my lists for them ...

  13. never ever used a Rhino, a predator, a vinidcator, or a whirlwind and i only have 1 r'back and thats to transport gabriel seth in my Flesh tearers