Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tyrannofex Conversion WIP Part 1

 Alright, somewhere along the line, I got the idea to convert a Tyrannofex when the codex first came out. Running Drop Nids, I never really had a need for it, so the poor guy just gathered dust on a shelf in one of the many project or bits boxes I have in the garage. Now that I have the 14th BC at least table quality for the most part, I want to explore some of the bugs I have never really used before ...
 so I busted this guy out, re-evaluated the conversion as a whole, broke parts off and then agreed with myself that I had reached a workable starting point.

 I am going to take the rear socket (where the green stuff looks like it once held an arm) and sculpt in some nasty ammunition sacks (or convert them in with the sacks from Nid guns (haven't decided yet), then I will give the model some form of frontal supporting limbs (or switch the mid arms to the front holes and go for the middle arms as stabilizers (dunno yet), The rattles from the Trygon kit feed into the gun and are the primary tubes for the ammo. The gun itself is going to get a TON of greenstuff work, attacking it in stages to layer it up for some pure Nid looking bioweapon action. I will likely be spending some time on the boards at the Tyranid Hive or elsewhere looking for cool sculpting tuts for the nid look, but if you have ideas, drop me a line.

In the past I have held back on posting WIPs at this stage in the game, but I think it is good to see where a model came from and where the creator's thoughts go when he or she is making it. So welcome to the inside of my head as I make a tyrannofex. I will update this badboy as I can while I bust out another painting commission on the side to earn cash for my airbrush and compressor. Let me know what you think about this badboy so far! Ideas are always welcome and critisism always welcome at this stage!

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  1. i bet he will look cool ones he is done, but no it looks like it has a boner ^^