Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mr. Dandy, Resin Terrain, Cheap riding legs and MORE!

 Old School here to let everyone know that Mr. Dandy, the maker of some of the best looking resin Thunder Wolf alternatives out right now, appears to be expanding the Wargamma range, a range that has lots to offer the 40k community! The new Wargamma page has a ton of tabs (many of which are still under construction), including Miniatures (home of the T-Wolves and the Spore Pod alternative), Terrain (awesome and plenty of it), a user gallery (mostly T-Wolves from around the net), Resin Modeling tips (good stuff for people who are new to resin) and two tabs that have yet to be completed, the Wargaming accessories and the Bases and Suupports tab. Enough of what we can't see, let's take a look at pics of what we can see ...

The top photo is from the terrain section and I think would be an impressive objective or a very cool peice for a diarama.
 Next, they finally started selling the power armored "War mount rider legs" and they are only $2. Why convert your own when they are this cheap?

Lava pools, perfect for those basement and garage tables! I'm looking at you, CVinton!


These craggy spire look less than impressive at first glance, but imagine the basing opportunities, Nids running over them, jump pack marines flying off them, now the gears should be turning!

and whatever this is, I want to see it when it is finished. This has some fun looking potential for Nid and Chaos terrain or maybe even some kind of sick pod! Anyway, stop on over to the Wargamma section, save it as a favorite and check it often. I have a set of the battle wolves and the review of the resin is in our video section. The resin and the casting is flawless, so if something catches your eye, consider it as they really do a great job with anything they make.
Have an opinion? Have some of these models already? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Fantastic! I was going to custom a base for a Necron Tombstalker... now I am re-thinking how I want to do it! Love the tank slag crater.