Monday, November 15, 2010

Banner Contest Update!

Old School here with a little update on the banner contest! So far we have a great group of entries and I am sure more are on the way. For a $25-$30 GW box, who wouldn't hit the photoshop on this one?
Anyway, after several requests to get pics from older posts to use in banners, I have been trying to get my personal Picasa album to switch from private to public and still haven't quite figured it out, but I plan to solve this problem by the end of the day tomorrow. In the meantime, if anyone has a suggestion, just shoot me an e-mail or a comment.
The contest ends on Friday the 26th, so let's get those entries in! Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions, questions or more. BTW, it is perfectly fine and legal to ask me questions about what I prefer, so hit me with an e-mail at

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