Sunday, October 31, 2010

Khorne Thunderwolf Conversion: Counts as Canis: Khanis Bloodborn, painted and ready!

Old School here to welcome in Halloween with my Khorne Version of Canis Wolfborn - Khanis Bloodborn! I know it sounds cheesy, but the model speaks for itself! Here is the newest member to my growing 14th Black Crusade - yet another Forge World Khorne Berzerker on Juggernaut!

The arms came from the Chaos Lord plastic kit and they were painted black as a small homage the Blood Lords must pay the Black Legion when marching under the banners of the latest Black Crusade, The bodey is from the FW Berzerker conversion set and the head is the bare FW Lord Zhofur head.

As usual, please forgive the camera for not liking red.

The face really is one of my favorite things about this model as it adds so much life to it, along with the over reaching pose of the model reaching forward every available inch to try to dig those claws into somebody. Coupled with the pose of the Jugger, I think this Khorne Khav model best captures the raging fury of the World Eaters better than the other two I have painted.

As usual, I went for the gritty look with lots of blood spatter and green washed into the brass on the Jugger. I also liked the green lighting effect from the last one so have made it a fixture for all my upcoming juggernaught projects.

This dude has some serious trophies to take home for the Blood God, including a Salamander head taken from the Space Marine Commander set (you know its gonna happen CVinton!), a sanguinary Guard head, and plenty of skulls ... oh and almost forgot the dirty, blooded head of a Dark Eldar (just for you, SeerK).
Overall, I just had a lot of fun with this model. Now that I can see it in super-zoom-close-up mode, I have spotted a ton of little mistakes. I am my harshest critic (besides CVinton and Capt. Obvious of course). I would love to here what you all think of it! Happy Halloween and if you live near me don't be suprised if I stop by for "Trick or Beer"!


  1. So many unanswered burns...your day is coming. Sadly, I have to work on my more boring non stylistic army I need to actually field for Adepticon. However, once that's done, and I get to work on my counts'll get an answer for everyone of these heretical displays.

  2. OST- I just noticed the glow effect on the eye. awesome, I love it. Check out the painting guide in the Nov. White Dwarf. It has how they did the glow effect on the eyes Basically went form Dark Angels Green base, snot green 90% cover, followed by a 1:1 Scorpion green/Golden Yellow high light, then a 1:1:1 Scorpion green/Golden Yellow/White high light and finally little flecks of white on edges like the split line that goes straight down from the Juggernaut eye.

    These highlights were on both the eye and the armor around it.

    It looks like the top brow comes significantly over the eye so, well done on not putting the highlight on the top portion of the eye. I hope you put it on the underside, though.....because I would have....

  3. Very nifty, i rather like the metallics on the Jugger itself