Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Final Green Stuff Land Raider Icon Scuplt, Part 5

The final video. Thanks for watching the series everyone. I got some great feedback from these so I'll be sure to keep them rolling out.


  1. Really outstanding work man, it is even better in person. You should reveal some of the other stuff you are doing to the land raider.

  2. Love it, and the land raider was jaw dropping-ly awesome.

    I had thoughts of trying to green stuff some door emblems for my rhinos/razorbacks but after seeing your land raider I decided my works would be embarrassed to be on the same table, if it's ok I'll put up a link to your you-tube channel on MI40k.

  3. No problem Christopher. Anything I put up on the blog sphere is for total love of the hobby so the more exposure and the more people get to see it the better!

    OST- I'm so close to being done with the green stuff work on the body of the land raider that I'm just going to wait and put up a show off thread of everything pre-paint.

  4. Also, I'm really going to start working on weathering better. I don't want another super clean army like my guard. I want these guys to look dirty and rough. Like their chapter is on the edge of extinction and they have to keep the few resources they have together with super glue (literally) and duct tape (well, maybe not that bad, but you get what I mean).