Friday, October 1, 2010

Legion of the Damned - post 3

Old School here with a few more pics from my Legion of the Damned Commission. In case you haven't seen the others, I have been commissioned for a massive amount of Legion of the Damned and as I go along, I am posting photos of the ones I have finished in the weeks prior to the stage I am currently on.

While I love the flames, I am also tired of the same models. If you have seen the other two posts in this series, then you know two of these models has already appeared - not a good sign, but never the less here they are.

I did a head switch on this one - the other that I have doen had a beakie head.

I really do enjoy the flames!

I also enjoy writing random LoD themed things on the pads and parchement. This one says "Damned"

Not much else to say. There are tons more to come. Feedback as always is appreciated!

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