Saturday, October 2, 2010

Battle Foam offers Discount to Military and Veterans!

This one is for all the servicemembers out there whether former, active or reserve. In case you didn't know, Battle Foam offers a LIFETIME (!) Military Discount to all US Military servicemembers. In these economic times, it is good to see this kind of discount given to the vets and as a vet, I will say that "I can now afford some Battle-Foam!"
Here is what Battle-Foam had to say on their Web site:

"We know how much hard work and dedication our troops have put into serving and protecting our country. At Battle Foam, 50% of our staff is prior or current military so we want to give something back. Anyone that is current or prior United States military will receive lifetime 15% discount on Battle Foam products. All we need is a copy of your Military ID card, DD-214, or have an ApO address. Just call your order in and our friendly staff will take care of it from there."

So if you are a servicemember, go check out their stuff or just tell them thanks for the offer and the discount!


  1. Well thats lovely, they didn't have that back when I ordered all my stuff from them... :/

  2. Well it is a lifetime discount. I'd see what they say.

  3. Hope they take a DD-214 with some info blacked out, damned if battle foam needs my Social Security #