Monday, September 6, 2010

The Officer of the Fleet

The Officer of the Fleet, old trick with a new hat!

Lets start off with a suggested reading;

I read this, all of it. Its a great read and you should always jump on reading interviews with some of the top 40k players in your region. A point was brought up about the IG's Officer of the Fleet (OF) becoming a hindrance as opposed to an IG advantage. This is a great point that I wanted to point out about how people should start turning their opponents lists against them by thinking outside the box.

For example, with the OF, why not use the potential late game arrival as an advantage? How about instead of putting your tactical squads in the opening drop pod assault, keep them in reserve for a solid late game contest? I think its a brilliant idea.

Even keeping squishier units in reserve versus just throwing them out there to give up their KP could be another utilization of the OF against the opponent.

I think for a demons player this could be great for a late game grab. You'll essentially be one turn behind your plan of action and I feel like that's a pretty easy adjust to make. Perhaps even getting a late game full strength unit can make the IG player run after he's set in his shooting line.

With the slow demise of the mystic I felt like most guard players (myself included) would be turning to the OF to disrupt the deepstrike as best we can, however after reading this I'm starting to feel like opponents might end up with an advantage that I wasn't expecting.


  1. Absolutely have to agree with you there, daemon players typically whine about the master og the fleet, when they could just switch their preffered choice, let the fodder units tie up with the guard and THEN drop the nasties. Nids can either choose to endure the tablecrossing facebeating or simply overload the reserves (this is called multi-pupose listing and it is why 75% minimum of your nids dhould have reserve options), doing so opens up a whole other avenue against Guard and instead of thinking you were holding back a couple of units, you have more in your deployment zone than you may have anticipated.

    Marine players have even more options with how their pods work and how they can be deployed.

    The problem with the MoF is that with armies that take limited amounts of reserves, stuff can come in peicemeal and get chewed up, which sucks, but as time progresses and more armies have multiple-deployment capable units, the MoF will still be important, but will be less than the clutch player he has been in the past.

  2. Absolutely. With my Word Bearers, I prefer having my lesser daemons and termies come in later, once my icons have already made it across to the enemy lines. The other guy paying to make that more likely for me? OK!

    MotF's big bonus IMO is more the screwing with Outflank, which can be great but is pretty situational.

  3. For now, I'll still pimp the OF because no one at the FLGS is really aware of how to punish me for him but once people start catching on, he's out. I need to work on my alternative deployment skills, mainly reserves because I never understand why I'd ever want to sacrifice the alpha strike fire power by holding vendettas in reserve. Time for the Astropath to start making an appearance.