Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Green stuff: Tell me your troubles!

One final labor day post for me. Green stuff. What do you want from me?

At the beginning of the summer I decided I'd learn to use green stuff. Now I'm sculpting pretty decent stuff for myself. So, with that said, what would the blog community want to know about that wonderful stuff known as green stuff? OST has been watching me progress in my GS skillz and every time I talk to him "...man, you need to make this a tutorial..." gets said at one point or another. So, since I'm lazy and work like chaos (lowest point of energy)....

You give me ideas, and in turn, I start cranking out tutorials. Cloaks? Purity seals? Hair? Gap filling? Faces? Skulls? Comment and you shall receive.


  1. I would love, LOVE, to see a nice, clean tutorial on how to make wolf pelts...

  2. Sculpting fine lines and detail on larger peices - like say ... a dragon skull.

  3. Wolf pelts and....a phone call to understand what you mean OST it is.

  4. Mechanicus icons maybe, imperial eagles

  5. For the icons are you talking on a vehicles or on shoulder pads? Same for imperial eagles.

  6. Why hold back? Why ask for what folks want? Why not inspire them? Roll it out and be the next Bursley, but instead of awesome paint, let's talk awesome green. Your (hidden) work turns me on in ways no other hobby blogger does right now, so line up a few blobs of GS and shoot videos of basic sculpting techniques. Show us how to make a head or skull. Show us how to start from scratch. Show us how ROn does the simple yet complex GS conversions! The Blogoshpere will love you for it! Then we can host classes at Evo and get paid to do it! (call me on that one)

  7. Hi CVINTON,

    Personally, I'd like to seem a set of video tutorials from beginner level onwards. With the very, very basics explained - for dumb people like me !

    I have a load of green stuff for filling holes etc but I really don;'t know where to start with the sculpting but I'd like to give it a go.

    I'd definitely be interested in posting any tutorial you come up with on my miniatures gallery:-

    my WFB Gallery

    I will of course credit you and link back to your site if you like.

    Thanks CVINTON,

    my WFB blog

  8. Hey, Machete got in the way of me making my video. It'll be up tonight!

  9. Great GS skills! It would be really helpful for my Flyrant and MC conversions if you could post a GS video on tyranid limbs/wings (especially the veiny vent thingies on their arms and legs.