Friday, June 18, 2010

An'ggrath finished!

I know show-off threads don't go over very well and are mostly viewed as "sure, ok" but I had to put this one up. I got An'ggrath as a commission/trade job and just finished him and thought the blogsphere might like a little rarer of a unit to be showed off to.

(also, sorry in advance, for some reason my camera was some times picking up yellows, other times picking up blues and even at other times taking the natural light picture like my lighting is supposed to be)

A quick walk through

paints used;
foundation dheneb stone
red gore
Blood red
chaos black
shining gold
enchanted blue
lightning blue
dwarf bronze
skull white
Bleach bone
graveyard earth
Snake bite leather
scorched earth
APJ light bodied sepia
APJ light body black
Citadel wash Baal Red

The whole body was primered white and then airbrushed gore red, followed by 2 heavy washes of APJ black. After, it was airbrushed with blood red. Next the bones were painted with foundation dheneb stone and washed with APJ sepia. From then on is was just detail work. The hair was done with Graveyard Earth, washed with APJ Sepia, dry brushed with bleach bone and then highlighted with a very very small amount of white. The gold areas were done with Shining Gold followed by a heavy wash of Citadel Baal Red.

The white skulls on the armor were taped off and airbrushed to give it a white-red effect that didn't come out as planned but still worked out. After that it was washed with APJ sepia. Over all, it was a lot of wash and a lot of blow drying.

I really tried to get some use of the airbrush in and it really helped with the time and the over all look of the model. It was heavily used on the body and on the white areas including the axe.
The client requested that the wings be magnetized on for easy transport, which is a great idea. The problem was not that the wings were too heavy but that because they fanned out so far they just had too much leverage for the magnets to hold. Ultimately after using a 1/8 and a 1/4'' magnets I had to put a little pin in to keep them upright. It worked out ok; the wings will stay on during movement but more than likely wouldn't survive being turned upside down.

As always feel free to leave any questions or comments! Up next on my paint bench is a grey knight baneblade for which I will once again bend the 'no one cares about show off threads' rule due to the rarity.


  1. That looks very nice sir. very nice job.

  2. Nice. I am glad you have finally cut your teeth on something evil!

  3. I went to church after I got done with it. I feel a little better now. Catholic guilt is a bitch.