Sunday, May 30, 2010

Librarian Dread WIP ... Very WIP, Super Blog Chain Give-away

Old School here with another update for the winning prizes from my Super Blog Chain Give-away. This time, I want to touch on the progress being made with the Librarian Dreadnought for Damian at Tales from the Warzone. This Libby is for his renegadish chapter, the Knights of Blood and right now this model is in the "Ackward teenage years" of it's paintjob, where it still looks rather odd and ungainly! First up is the view from the front and as you can see this model is soaking with Badab Black!
Here is the view from the back. There is really only one reason I have washed the entire model this way and it is because this method with make the model fit seemlessly into his army, much like the methods used for the Ironclad fit the paint-theme of Chosen1's army. Even though these are essentially free commissions, it is important that the paintjob and the feel of the model does not look off from the rest of the force. To get things going in the right direction in this method, I based the model and then washed. I left the detail work out as that will be done last and those bits will recieve their own seperate treatment. The weapon will also be saved for last - the key here was to tone down the mettallics in the undercarraige and to create the grity effect needed for this army.

Here it is from another angle. I really am happy that he likes the weapon and that he chose the color green for the force effects of his current libby's weapon because that was what I wanted to do for it! The greenstuff scrollwork covering the handle of the weapon looks good to me and to make it more Librarianish (here I go making up more words!), I plan to paint writing down the entire legnth of it like a giant scroll - as if the weapon is super-arcane!

Here is one last look before we really get into the meat and potatoes of painting this model.
And now, here are a couple of photos of a model I tested a theme on while I was waiting for paint to dry.
Soon, I will be taking on a Legion of the Damned Project (20+!!!) and I also am quite happy with the flames from the recent Salamanders Ironclad, so I went for the Bleak Brotherhood look from the CSM codex on this CSM and I think I like the way it looks on black armour and I might do up a squad of them in my spare time. I would then just have to figure out how I want to do the trim and accents.

Comments and feedback on anything in this post are always welcome!


  1. I'm in Awe of what your doing there with the Dread! I love how it's coming out and can't wait to see more of it.

    The reason I went with the near soaking in Badab Black is since I've been back into the hobby I haven't had a chance of using the new washes or foundation paints and as I still had the old Black Wash which didn't have as good a pigment in it than the new washes I was wondering why everyone would say they would finish the figure and then wash it. The old Black Wash would remove any detail you had added to the figure then.

    So when I picked up the Blood Angels book and decided on an Knights of the Blood army I thought I'd see how it goes and haven't turned back with the washes.

    If only I could paint like you guys since I've had all up about 13 years painting in total but there was a break of 6 odd years from any hobby.

  2. Alright, LS, since you are here and commenting (thank you by the way, I am humbled by the praise), Would you accent with a color other than bone or white? I was thinking of adding golds or silvers for the trim, but didn't want to upset the theme you have going.

  3. I haven't got a problem with accenting with gold or silvers at all. We can always just add fluff to it as he is so old and known to be an Ancient One that he has been more Revered by the Tech Marines and their retinue that they have added as the decades have passed by.

    Does that help?

    Also sorry about the lateness of the reply as I'm sitting here at work.

  4. BTW if you want to name him go ahead and do so... I haven't planned one yet heh.

  5. I love the freehand flower pattern, the blues and whites go well together~

  6. My Undivided Chaos Space Marines are black with purple flames, I couldn't do green as I already have too many green models. Blue flames also look good on black. I use a dark metallic trim and green tubes with purple eyes, you could use purple tubes with green eyes...