Saturday, May 29, 2010

In two weeks... what list?

Hello fellow gamers and welcome to hobbyists, I have with me a dilemma and I want your opinion!

I am unsure what list I should take with me to the 'Ard Boyz Semi Finals.

As some of you might know I took second in the Prelims... but that does not mean my list was perfect, you can check it out in the battle report article (click link) I wrote about my experience. However with some feedback from my fellow gamers at my FLGS I have had some doubts about it, currently I am thinking of changing up the list a little bit by taking away a squad of Storm Troopers, the squad of Ratlings, the squad of Multi-laser Sentinals. What I would be adding is a Inquisitor Lord, with a psychic hood, 2 mystics and an Acolyte in a Land Raider and adding a Multi-laser sentinal to the 2 auto cannon sentinals. So the list would be the following:

HQ 1
Comp. Comm. Squad - 290

HQ 2
Inquisitor Lord - 355
1x psychic hood
2x mystic
1x acolyte
1x Land Raider

Troop 1
Vet Squad - 200
3x Plas Gun

Troop 2
Vet Squad - 155
2x Sniper Rifle

Troop 3
Infantry Platoon - 490
Platoon Command Squad
(no upgrades)
Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher
Heavy Bolter
Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Mortars
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Heavy Bolters
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Missile Launchers
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Lascannons

Elite 1
Storm Trooper Squad - 185
5x additional Storm Troopers
2x Meltaguns

Fast 1
Hellhound Squadron - 130
1x Hellhound

Fast 2
Scout Sentinal Squadron - 115
2x additional Sentinal
2x Autocannon

Heavy 1
Leman Russ Squadron - 170
1x Leman Russ Battle Tank
1x Heavy Bolter side sponsons

Heavy 2
Leman Russ Squadron - 170
1x Leman Russ Battle Tank
1x Heavy Bolter side sponsons

Heavy 3
Leman Russ Squadron - 260
1x Leman Russ Vanquisher
1x Knight Commander Pask
1x Plasma Cannon side sponsons
1x Hull mounted Lascannon

The real problem is I feel like i am copying every other damned IG player as of late, (minus the Land Raider... but comon... its a land raiders... who doesn't want one?) and that makes me feel quite crappy, but how else am I going to get protection against psionic powers? Since this is the only way, I might as well take the extra bonus of being able to shoot at deep strikers... anyhow...

Let me know what you think.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it as always...



  1. I hate to say it, but the changes would probably make you more competitive in the upper echelon Ard Boys matches. I would sugggest trying it against some of the upper teir players at the FLGS and see how it compares to the shit storm you let loose on me a couple weeks ago.
    No matter what you take, you know I have your back and hope you win the next round!

  2. I would say the land raider is going to distract people like crazy. Especially once the mystics start doing their thing.

    I have to agree with Old School the list seems much more competitive.

    As long as allies are on the table Perhaps you could swap out something for a vindicare assassin. It is very handy to be able to target individual models. Again another distraction they have. Could help the survivability of your tanks as well being able to take out heavy weapons at your leisure.

    I think you had an elite spot open and you could drop the sentinals unless they are there to autocannon spam some infantry.

  3. Plus having suffered at the hands of the previous version I know how much more focused this one is.

  4. The Vindicare isn't that much of a distraction and seems like more of a small game trick than a trick for 2500 pts.