Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Blood Angels

Capt. Obvious here..

So after seeing everyone getting excited about starting new armies i decided it was time to put the Dark Eldar down for a few months and try something new. I got my hands on the Blood Angels codex and decided to whip a list up and see what happened. I had a good idea of what i wanted after i read through it. I made a 1850 list and this is what it was. I don't know the exact points cost but it was 1847ish if a remember off had.


3 Priests of Sang. w/ Single Lightening Claw (each one ran with a squad)

3 x 9 man assault squads with Sgt. w/ Power fist and a melta gun mounted in a Rhino

3 Vindicators

3 Baal Predators with Big Big Flamer (S6 AP3)

First game was against our local Deamon player. Game started out very strong for me. Started by basicly wiping out his first wave of troops including a Deamon Prince. This was my down fall. I neglected to pay attention to what was coming in next. I was over whelmed by Flamers of Tzinch and lost basicly all my troop choices. We both had some horrible rolling going on so there was horrible upsets for both sides. Reguardless of the loss i still felt it was a strong list.

My next game was against our up and coming necron player. This game started strong for both of us. Right off the bat i laid 3 pie plates on the monolith and immoblized it. Set up for turn 2 assaults on a bunch of warriors. His first turn consisted of him turning my wall of AV13 into a pile of rubble. My next turn put some massive hurt on the crons. Got 2 Baal preds in each on seperate table edges, which was exactly what i wanted. He had 2 warrior squads nicley setup for me to template the hell out of them. And that is exactly what happened. Warriors started droppping like crazy, what wasnt left was then assaulted by the mass of furious charging, FNP, +1 attack Marines. Didnt go well for the crons. a 20 man squad was wiped and the marines consolidated back to there fast transports. Necron turn 3 ended with some upsets and his heavy destroyers dropping a transport. Attempted to put some wounds on Sanguinor but failed due to his massive 3+ inv. Game was pretty much set to end on my turn 5, i held 2 objs to his 0, and we didnt have time to play out turn 6, even though we rolled it. Wouldnt have mattered he new it was a pointless effort as he was going to get phased out. A tac squad was setup to assault his few warriors left and Sanguinor was setup to hit the lord and the immortals he was with, which was the squad i picked for his reroll hits and wounds.

All in all i was very impressed with this list, mainly because its what i wanted to run, had a plan with the list and it plays to that plan perfectly.


  1. Hey Cpt Obvious, sounds like a good run with a new list. I have yet to field something from the new codex, but toyed around with some lists. I posted some on my blog at, but they've been losers so far, since Sanguinary Guard are apparently the worst unit ever, lol. I'll try something like your list with a buncha normal squads with Priests tho and post that sometime.

    How was your experience with the Baal with flamer units? I haven't used many template weapons before to know their effectiveness.

  2. This list seemed the most appealing to be next to death guard spam w/ Astarath. i can see how game one against daemons didnt go as smoothly as it could have, since all the deep striking makes it hard to lock them into the center of the board with all the armor. against the necrons though.. all i think blood angels will have to fear from them is the monolith, which your game here proves.