Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Introduction is in order...

Hello Dark Future Game readers, as the latest addition to DFG's group of contributers I figured I would slowly begin to work out with you a few things. First off I am and always will be an Imperial Guard player... you may see me wander from time to time to test out various armies, or to paint some as... well... lets face it, guard are not the most detailed models about.

However my job is to tell you more about them, how each individual unit has played out in the field, how much they are or are not worth their points and what sort of tactics work and which seem to fail horribly.

Also, I will be doing a few painting posts as well as some conversion postings. I am personally a Death Korps of Krieg fan and have been slowly assembling my models and painting them and my next project is to convert some regular old Ogryns to DKK Ogryns... hello feared green stuff here I come...

This past weekend the boys from DFG and I were all at Adepticon representing our local game store Evolution Games, and this site. I personally competed in the Combat Patrol and Team Tournament doing decent in both but definitely not coming close to an award in the latter, perhaps next year eh? The combat patrol I put in a good showing at least, minus some issues with the judges that was a -lot- of fun to play in and everyone playing seemed to be having a -great- time. If you haven't had a combat patrol tournament at your local hobby store I would definitely get on your tournament organizers to do so! Besides, even the newest players in the shop will be able to get their armies assembled and painted in time!

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it as always...


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