Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fixing up those Assault on Black Reach Dreads!

Old School here with a little hobby article about using the new venerable dreadnought kit to improve those old Assault on Black Reach dreadnoughts I know you have lurking around your gaming table, bitz boxes and man-caves!

First of, this is about the most basic Venerable Dreadnought I can build out of the kit and I still think it loks great, but the real treasure it that it comes with a ton of bitz that could easily be used on other dreads - including another forge-world style front and two awesome looking Sarcophogas peices. Then ther are numerous side panels and alternate fronts, bits galore and of course the great weapons options (still no autocannon!).

This was the first dread I made from an old Black Reach dread. I just scraped off that wierd compass rose and anything that sticks up from the flat surface of the fron to the dread. Once I did that, it was a simple matter to turn him into a much more respectable looking dreadnought.

Here is another former Assault on Black Reach Dread that I used the same process to improve. Note the bitz used are from the same ven dread box! In fact, I can build a Venerable Dread out of that kit and would have enough side panels and front sections to improve an additional 4 Assault on Black Reach dreadnoughts! If you had any doubts about this kit before, quit messing around and buy it! You will be very happy - and so will those AoBR dreads you have been kicking around. Feel free to comment.


  1. great article, I love any kit that gives extra bits.

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  3. sigh, why does it say you removed the post....

    I wanted to elaborate on my post that said "My blood angels army just got cheaper."

    It's cheaper because like Oldschool said, the AoBR dreads are everywhere, including ebay, for cheap. You can find them for 10-15$ on ebay. For me I need a pretty model and that's what stops me from just scooping up a bunch of dreads. However, for this army, since I want my BA to be extra pretty I plan on using venerable dreads for Librarian dreads and my normal dreads but I can now use some AoBR dreads and bits from the venerable. Thanks Homie!

  4. Mmm... excellent article and idea. I already have more Dreads than I can field, but I might have to get the new Venerable anyways...