Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dark Future Games wants to meet you at Adepticon!

Dark Future Games will be at Adepticon this year along with plenty of folks from Evolution Games here in Lansing and we are going to celebrate that fact in several ways!
First and foremost, we are going to cover the event with constant blogging from the event! Second, we will track Captain Obvious' path to victory in the 1850 with his Dark Eldar! Third, we want to party those of you in the bloggosphere who plan to be there! Finally, we plan to build a hell of an after-action report to let Yak-Face and his buddies know just how much we appreciate the "great" way the Inat FAQ system has been run this year.
All in all, good stuff, if you want to hang out, it is a public place, so hit us up on the DarkFutureGames email, let us know you are not a creep (Capt. O) might want to be thrown in the back of a kidnapper van, but not me) and maybe we can arrange a time to meet - One stipulation on that though, we are planning to drink, so 21 and older please!
Anyway, whether you will be there or just planning to read about it, we will have what you need, stay tuned this weekend!


  1. Thanks, I think ill be needing it with some of my competetors.

    I think i made some friends on the various boards....im sure some people would love to meet me....good and bad ;)