Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dark Eldar Are Coming! Mon'Kiegh Live in Fear!

All right folks, I know there are some DE fans out there and I want to hear your thoughts and ideas!
Obvious is going to kill me for not letting him post this, but with DE coming, I am very exited for their army and the potential destruction it may lay down. Already, Captain Obvious shows folks in the FLGS that 5th edition was kind to the S&M Eldar by whooping tail and taking slaves across the board every game ... but given the nature of the 5th edition codexes so far, especially the direction taken in Blood Angels, it is safe to say that anything is possible.
In that spirit, I want to cast the line out to you Dark Eldar players and Dark Eldar fans and potential players out there - What do you expect from this new codex? What would exite you to see? What kind of basic structural hanges do you expect? Are you going to miss the cheap lances?
Here are my thoughts - I think the army is going to have a lot of outflanking options, a ton of leadership reducing power and given their fluff, a potent ability to negate psychic powers.
Also, with the tendancy to add crazy new options to the codex, I am expecting to see something like the Raven pictured above to appear in the codex - simply due to the new Trygons, Storm Ravens and Guard options out there. I am thinking there will be a major rehaul on things like the Webway rush and the pricing of weapons options like the uber-cheap Dark Lance. I pretty much expect there to be a plastic Talos or at least a better looking one, Wyches to get a full blown wyche cult option and maybe a few awesome new options that my Mon'Keigh mind cannot comprehend.
So, whether you hate them or love them, let's here your thoughts and opinions - what do you think your going to find when the codex drops later this year?
... and yes Captain Obvious, I am patiently awaiting your reply to this!


  1. I agree with your thoughts about a mega option with something like a forge world model. and maybe a rule that if they win combat they can take slaves and that in turn makes them stronger somehow. It could be just crasy toughts but anything can happen.

  2. Have you listened to Episode 81 of DiceLikeThunder? Very interesting Dark Eldar rumors in there. Lots of deep striking, being able to enslave units that are overrun on close combat, etc etc. Expect it in September/October of this year...

  3. Yes, the Dice Like Thunder had some very cool ideas/tidbits. The idea of a special character who enslaves captured foes sounds great.

    In the end, it may almost be better to look at it as a whole new race because of the small number of units.

  4. Hopefully we'll see some decent plastic Wych models (that are all female, teehee) and the elimination of crap like mandrakes and grotesques altogether. And all of it will come together so that the answer to building a DE list will no longer be: "Spam Raiders"

    But that would probably be like asking the posters around here to use your vs. you're properly. ;)

  5. Will I miss the cheap Dark Lances?

    No because I think the new codex will still have cheap Dark Lances.

    I'm looking forward to actually being able to legitimately field Scourges, Mandrakes and Hellions!

  6. If they just make all of the entries in the codex usable, I'll be incredibly happy. I would love to use some of the alternate elite/HQ choices.

    In keeping with the preponderance of special characters, there'll probably be some new ones. Maybe something that lets you change the force org? Like if you take Urien, grotesques count as troops or something.

    And I would expect something involving psykers, seeing as they're everywhere these days.

  7. As a Dark Elf Fantasy Player, I have wanted to play DE since before they came out. I love the overall fluff feel of pretty much embracing the fall, the pirate/raider concept, and the fast but fragile playing style. But I have never gotten an army for three reasons:

    1) terrible models. I know that this one is a pretty common reason. I do not care how awesome the codex is. Once I got the guys from the 3rd edition box, I knew I was not going to get a DE army.

    2) Np parity between the Eldar lists, best exemplified in the no psychers example. Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy have phenomenal magic, but nothing for the DE in 40k. Most likely, GW was trying to not come out with a second version of the Eldar, but I think there should be more parity. The Incubi as corrupted striking scorpions idea is awesome, and I would like to see more things like that. These are the same people, and the difference in how they dealt with the Fall is the dividing line. How did the DE corruption impact unit A, B, or C.

    3) I would like to see the deep strike and flanking options fleshed out - which may be too much for GW to do effectively. I think that this is really the core of the army - speed, speed, and more speed (with cheap dark lances). Likely, this will be through the GW lens of "more special characters" to sell more models, but something is better than nothing.

  8. Well here it is, the things Captain Obvious would like to see:

    1. Massive out flanking. Were raiders who suprize attack, we should be out flanking...IE Raiders get scout.

    2. Cheap Dark Lances...This shouldnt change. Read the fluff Dark Lances are designed specficly by the DE for the purposes of raiding. Short ranged strong fire power. Get in create havok and get out.


    4. New talos model with some new rules....WELL WRITTEN RULES

    5. Archons and Archites should be eternal warriors. Im sorry cry all you want. A Archon leads a KABAL the meanest of the cults. He has been through countless battles and raids. A random Sgt. with a powerfist isnt going to best him. Same for a Archite. She has been battling in the Wych Cult arenas for countless decades. No random warrior with Str6 is going to best her.

    6. Move Scorges to fast attack and make them relentless or lower their points cost. Make them at least semi-viable.

    7. Rethink bikes and hellions. Need a 100% revamp.

    8. NO DARK ELDAR PSYCHERS. They dont like psychers, they treat them as play toys, and would never rely on them for anything rather than amusment. As such we should have some ways to negate Psychic powers.

    9. Insta-kill weapons, everyone else has them im sure in the Torturous ways of life in Cammogaugh(Misspelling) they have devised ways of insta death ;)

    10. DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE FINESSE AND FAGILITY OF DARK ELDAR. It was never meant to be a easy army to play and should never be. PLease dear god GW dont make DE appeal to the random rat kid.

    Just my 2 cents i can think of now.