Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blood Angels prototype

So now that my ebay army is looking like it'll fetch a good amount I'm really getting amped up for getting those blood angels. With that I'd like to make it clear that I'm not a fanboy of blood angels or the kind of guy that jumps armies to the newest codex. I just really want to paint these models like a crack-head needs a hit.

Here it is, with a competitive base and everything.

I used a more dark color since I'm not a big fan of that in-your-face pure blood red look. Its primer black with red gore, scab red and then Blood red dry brushing. I put a lot more time than usual on the details and green stuffed some blood drops on the helmet, pack, and chest.

I'm a big fan of the dark red and will definitly do the whole army with this style. The only difficulty with this is that there is no color to break up the red. The blood angels have no alternative color on the boarder lines of the shoulder pads so I'll have to figure something out to put a cool color in there like a blue or a green. The yellow and gold compliment well, but don't break up the red. And the black guns don't do the job either.

Overall the prototype went well, was pretty easy to pain and I'm looking forward to have some badass vampire marines deep striking land raiders and all the crazy stuff BA do!

Also, I put the ultramarine on there to represent the death of my bikes and the birth of my blood angels. I used to be a real artist at one time and occasionally get meaningful stuff in my work now.

Here's some more pics from different angles:


  1. Nice Blood Angel dude, good to see you are still pulling epic modelling and painting sessions. Did you get to see the sprues in person?

  2. No I haven't yet. I'm not sure I'll make it down there just to tease myself about shit I can't do or buy until April any way. By the time I get down there I'm sure a torrent will be floating around the internet, I think I'm more likely to find that then I am to go to fortress. Farseer went down there and came back at beat up tony with a make-shift angels list. I'm pretty excited for them and now its just the waiting game.