Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Forge World Berzerker #1, 8 Days of Khornemas!

Old School here with my first Forge World Khorne Berzerker. I am taking my sweet little time with my zerks as I want each one to be a character in and of itself. I pinned the torso to the legs and the arms to the torso. I also pinned and greenstuff bonded the kicked back leg in place. The basing is the kind of tile with the sticky backside that you can buy at Home Depot and the model is pinned into that too ... basically, this guy isn't falling apart any time soon.
I know a lot of folks out there are not fans of the running Zerk legs, but I like the chance they give you to make a dynamic pose. I did hate the stupid buckles on the leg guards so I shaved them off and was pretty pleased with the results.
I will be posting my first squad night after night until Christmas and plan to make each squad member look dynamic and important.
When it comes time to paint, I am thinking of doing something similar to the paint scheme Andy Taylor used for his Zerks in the 5th Edition rule book, but I would like to try skulls instead of Daenomic faces.
If you have any feedback or advice, please leave it. I would love to hear what you think!

On the first day of Khornemas the Blood God gave to me ... a berzerker somwhat leaping.

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