Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garage War! Chaos and Dark Eldar vs White Scars and Orks!

What can I say about this game? What do I remember? Well we played 1750 a player, my Chaos Space Marines with Captain Obvious's Dark Eldar versus Buzzy's White Scars and Erik the Homeless's Ork proxy army! The Orks and Scars got first turn, They put a drop podded iron clad in the face of a warrior squad, kept a couple bike squads in reserve, while pushing Khan's command squad, a squad with a Librarian and 3 Ork Battlewagons full of boys up the table, supporting their movement with fire from the lootaz ... Other than that, a couple warriors died and an Obliterator bit the dust.
Our turn saw a lot of movement from Obvious's little emo kids as they zipped around delivering Dark Lance shots inot everything and pushing wyches into assault range. I brought my princes up behind a line of Plague Marines who hopped out of their rhinos and dumped a TON of fire into the command squad, killing few, but enought to make a difference. Obvious move Wyches in and assaulted Khan's squad and moved 2 Talos into position to ensure a second wave of attacks would now come from a wall of Monstrous Creatures.
They countered with some Ork countercharges across the board. They did not get any bikers in but another dread showed up to toast a ton of Plaguers, also dumping in two HK missiles and a shot from his Multi-melta, all resulting in 2 dead plague marines.
To make a long story short, a combined counter assault from 2 talos and a Nurgle Warptime prince pushed through the initial assault and inot the lootaz, running them out. By the end of turn three, my rhinos had managed to get all three Plague squads into the enemy deployment zone along with some of obvious's DE. The combined forces of the Scars and Orks would have been unable to reach our zone and stay there let alone hold it. There was also nothing left in their army by then that could scrape the plaguers and DE out of their zone. In the end, the game was a ton of fun as the crap talking and beers went around the table.

The state of the game in the end of turn two: From here, you can see where the tide would turn.

I can't let this end without putting this photo out there. You might be wondering what Gandalf the Grey might be doing on a battlefield with a bunch of Chaos Space Marines ... Gandalf and the CSM were lootz for this game. I know, I know, Bilbo is rolling in his grave somewhere, but in all seriousness Erik is a former GW redshirt who is getting back to the game for the first time since 3rd edition, so proxying is his way of ensuring he has the right ideas before he commits his money to a unit ... after all he is called Erik the Homeless for a reason! Fell free to comment as always!

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  1. I forgot to mention that we used 5th edition rules, but used a 4th edition mission called recon, where you must get scoring units into the enemy deployment zone.