Friday, October 23, 2009

Dark Eldar and the need ... the need for speed!

Captain obvious here with another installment of DE info. In this brief post I will cover DE tactics.

One of the main factors of DE is our over all speed. We are by far one of the fastest armies in the game and that is hard for some armies to counter. Proper usage of our speed can win us games or help turn the tide of a failing battle to our favor.
Ill will post the list I have been running quickly and run over some of the tactics I have used with it and how they were successful and how they…….weren’t.

Archon Agonizer, Shadow Field, Combat Drugs
Retinue- 4 incubi, Drazhar, 3 warriors, Raider Scaling nets
Drachite Agonizer, Combat Drugs

2 10 man Dark lance squads
2 10 man raider squads Blaster, Splinter Cannon….Scaling nets on raider

10 wyches raider Succubus, Agonizer….Scaling nets on raider
10 wyches raider Succubus, Agonizer….Scaling nets on raider

Talos x2
Ravager 3 Dark Lances

This is a quick post of the list I have been running… The way I have been running this list is by basically running 2 teams. Both teams consist of a Wych Squad, a warrior squad (Covering their movement lane), a raider squad, and a Talos. I usually always put the ravager in the center and it redeploys to either flank as needed. The HQ sits back and usually won’t be seen until turn 3 when they are needed to help clean up a fight that is going sour. The Talos keep pushing up and hopefully all is going well with your wyches, which should be in combat by turn 2, and the Talos just floats his way into that combat and helps clean it up. If your opponent is running a hard hitting squad….like a bike command squad or something along those lines, you will want to charge your retinue into that, seeing as you don’t want that command squad charging anything of yours.

When you run a formation like this most people tend to push themselves into the center of the table in attempts to avoid your wyches and the Talos and the game turns into a huge blood bath that usually swings to the DE favor. People are afraid of Talos, wyches, dark lances, and are VERY afraid of the DE retinue.

Another way to setup your forces is to mass your dark lances and Talos in the center of the battlefield. Keep your wyches and raider squads on the flanks; keep your retinue on a flank and re deploy it as needed through out the battle. When you deploy like this it causes your enemy to split his forces or makes him mass up onto one of the flanks. Most people don’t have the balls to run dead on into all your dark lances. If they do for some reason that works out perfectly for us. They will take heavy loses charging into those lances and your flanking squads will be hitting them before they even get to those lance squads, not to mention they will be having to deal with 2 Talos running up the gut of the battlefield as well. This setup works well against most armies except those that have a lot of outflanking units……IE Un-Phasable’s White Scares. Getting hit all on one flank with 1000+pts of bikers hurts and hurts BAD……personal experience.
As usual please comment and suggestions welcome.

Here is a picture of one of my common setups. It is a team game so its not my regular list, but you can see the 2 raiders on the flank...These are the Wyches and the Raider squad....You will also notice i have 2 Dark Lance squads covering this lane to ensure a clear path for raiders to move down with out taking massive fire. You can also see Mr. Talos pushing up this flank as well. Is what ended up happening was our right flank was covered by a ravager, Dark Reapers, and a talos. This caused the bikers to push into the middle and attempt to take the 2 center Objectives. PLaying right into both of of our armies. Over all is was a good game, but we soon discovered that Dark Eldar teamed up with Eldar is not fun to play against.

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