Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deathwing Interrogator Chaplain finished!

With all the Chaos, Salamander and Dark Eldar post we've been pushing out here, I forgot about my good old Deathwing and the few models I needed to finish in order to complete my army. This fellow came in the bottom of a box I ordered on Ebay and seemed like a great find until I realized there was a miscast in his crux terminatus - a corner was missing.
At first I said "Well, I guess I could make him a cool looking commander or some sort of Legion of the Damned terminator". Then a better idea hit me as I was reading over the old Crux Terminatus entry in the rulebook for reasons unknown when it occured to me that such a sacred peice of armor bearing a peice of the Emperor's armor when he fell would not be discarded just because it was battle damaged and the last person to cast it aside would be a Chaplain!
Thus, my Interrogator Chaplain was born a a few purity seals from a Space Marine Commander box were borrowed.
Anyway, With all of the Terminators done, all but the Forge World Dreadnought's arms finished and Belial getting recreated (again) on the chopping block, the Deathwing is almost finished and unless a fantastic turn of events occurs, the army will most likely go up for sale. If anyone is interested please let me know in the comments to this post and keep your eyes open for more Deathwing coming up!

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