Thursday, July 30, 2009

What is this!? 40k Cards?

I bought a bitz box online that a guy advertized as "Everything I own" which was pretty good when it arrived, but he really must have been serious as I found these Horus Heresy Cards wrapped in their original packaging shrinkwrap and all. I opened them because I wanted to see what they are ... and they seem to be a card game involving the legions and heroes from the Heresy, including Saul Tarvitz ... as interesting as these cards are, I don't really have a use for them, but I don't know if they are worth anything to anyone. Do any of you traitors, heretics or imperial lapdogs know anything about this card game? Please leave any info you can in the comments.


  1. They're from the unfortunately short-lived 40K card game, which actually included most of the major factions (DE, Necrons, Tau, and the Inquisitorials were left out, I believe). There was at least one expansion released as well, although I never bought any of that.

    It basically revolved around locations (which could modify things) where you and your opponent sent your units and took turns shooting, assaulting (which took longer, but hit harder), playing battle cards (which are the upside-down line on the bottom of everything), or using unit abilities. When you needed a random number (such as the "5+" in the card on the left), you flipped the top card of your deck and used the die that was printed at the bottom- hence, you could "stack" your deck with all high-dice cards, but such cards tended to have overall weaker stats, abilities, etc, to make up for this.

    It was a decent bit of fun. Some searching around on the internet should find the rulebook and such. If you have an account at Demonoid, someone also scanned in nearly all the cards; many of them had nice art and there was lots of great flavor in them:

    Addendum: alright, appearantly the later two games in the above links worked a little differently than the first, but were largely compatible. Seems your cards are from one of the second two, not sure which.