Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Emperor's Champion Update! Getting close to finished!

Alright, so this model is still a few hours from completion, but it is coming right along. There are a lot of colors and shades involved in it, many more than I would have first believed before I sat down to paint this, my first Black Templar model.
So far it has been fun to paint, with areas that I washed, some drybrushing and some layering as well, it really is encompasing all of my basic techniques. I know it pales to some of the stuff that is out there, but once it is touched up I think it will make quite a centerpeice for my friend's army.
Like I said it is still a way out from completion and need some highlighting and clean-up work to do before it gets based, but with that being said, feel free to offer you comments and critisism!

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