Sunday, July 26, 2009

Emperor's Champion Commission Underway!

Well, I am finally painting this Emperor's Champion for a friend of mine. I am taking it slow because this comission is very cool and I will more than likley face it on the table quite often, so I want it to look extra awesome. Now the initial work has mostly been done to the vow standard that he is carrying. I wanted to hit the whites first as it is easier to touch up the blacks later.
For the wings, I basecoated the skull white (GW) and washed them with two coats of Gryphonne Sepia(GW). The banner was based skull white then painted Ochre Yellow (Artist Pigment Brand). The banner then received a single coat of Sepia wash to add depth to it.
My next moves on the Vow standard are to re-black the spots that were accidentally hit with whites, then paint the shield white, then paint half of it red, then freehand a Templar symbol that I have yet to decide on. Wish me luck and as always, feel free to comment!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good so far! All he needs now is a bike! Just kidding

    But anyways, I love that standard top. I've seen a few people use it and it is a great attention getter. Hopefully your customer will be pleased with it.