Monday, July 20, 2009

New bitz from Chapterhouse studios! The return of the Salamander Drop Pod!

Chapterhouse Studios now has its Salamander Drop Pod vehicle accessories back out with new and improved panels. Their Web site also has some teaser photos of a Lion shoulder pad, which makes me wonder what else may be in the works over there! Check out their site and their online store for yourself at


  1. I have tried to buy 2 times something from Chapterhouse Studios, I have payed and the items NEVER arrives.

    I don´t recomend you to but anything from them, the items looks nice, but they are too expensive and the service it too bad.

  2. Lol talk about bitter troll that just cant take own responsibility. Here is what Nick himself wrote at dakka:

    No matter how hard you try to be a good customer service person, sometimes you cant help the other person.

    This is a Spain buyer (iffy postal service at least 2 weeks in mail) that had the incorrect address in paypal (which we use to ship). He put a dispute in and paypal cancelled the dispute after 20 days (this morning). He then emailed me at 4 am my time and again at 510am my time, finally saying I was ignoring him and he would post everywhere he could.

    He only had one transaction with us for $28.00. He never mailed or phoned us. He jumped the gun many times even after I sent out another item in exchange for the one sent to his wrong address.

    All in all I did everything I could for the guy.

    At this point, I cant please him so after mailing 2 packages to him I just took a loss and refunded his total amount paid.

    I guess he is a troll in the fact hes just posting the same post anywhere he can find mention of us.

    So I leave it up to you casual readers to make up your own opinion, I am out 6 items, with 2 seperate shipping attempts and his original payment of 28$.