Monday, June 1, 2009

Khorne Dreadnought Conversion Photo! 10 Tons of Berzerk Fury needs your help!

This is very much a work in progress. I started to convert this Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought into a Khorne Dreadnought recently and have hit a wall. I am torn on what to do with the arms. On one hand, I have the Penitent Engine Buzz Saw arms, but they just seem a little scrawny for this Dread. On the other hand, I could use standard dreadnought arms and so some conversions to the close combat arm (though I would like it to be a 2CCW style Dreadnought, given it's Khornocity).

Any feedback would be welcome, so please leave me some comments on what you think.

Work done so far. The original faceplate and symbols where shaved off the front of the dread. Panels where added to the two front sides to accomidate the large Khrne symbols. The inside of the pilot area was blocked off with another panel.
I then used some of the SM vehicle bitz to create the ribcage effect you see. I then used the back of a searchlight and a defiler head to create the head that is there now. Everything else is a combination of chopped up defiler bitz and assorted spikey Chaos parts. I hope you all like it!


  1. That dread looks wicked. While I don't have any advice on what arms to use I recommend shaving those mould lines before applying paint.

  2. Thanks for the advice Oni, I got so into what I was doing when I started this project (which began during a garage bull session)that I overlooked a lot of the basic clean-up steps, but the lines will be shaved, the cracks will be filled and the model will get some special attention from the hobby knife in general. For me, I am not willing to invest money in the GW Chaos dread, but I really like the idea of a Chaos dread enough and the rules seem to fit Khorne so well that this project just seems natural.

  3. Long time Khornate marine player here.
    Go with your gut, and do the 2 ccw arms, and add a heavy flamer. In the recent update the random aspects of Chaos Dread behaviour where reworked, some good, some bad. Now you only have to worry about fire frenzy, but if you only have to worry about a twinlinked bolter and a very short ranged Heavy flamer, it is much easier to deal with. Not only that you can really put the hurt on anything, vehicles or infantry. I have been running one of these for a good many years, and love what it does to Tau gunlines, (it eats them). Its also a rather affordable option at only 105 pts. Think about it. Also if you bulked up the shoulders the Penitent engine arms would look sweet.