Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Black Legion Rhino

So this is the first Rhino I painted for my Black Legion Army. I wanted the symbol on the back to look messy, as if some random heretic at the motorpool slapped it on there.
I used a symbol from a really old Warriors of Chaos box I had lying around for the icon on the front.
I love banner work, so I was pumped to make the scroll on the side with the little symbol and the writing. In case you cannot see the front scroll, it is the name of the rhino, "The Voyage of Hate"
I also painted the eye in the Chaos symbol on the back hatch and used some shiny red paint for the blood spatter on the front. I love to do blood spatter and it is pretty noticable on a lot of my work. As always, let me know what you think.

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