Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Foetid Bloat Drone Maggoth Conversion II (Even Nurglier than the first)

It always comes back to Nurgle, right? My love of Nurgle models goes waaaaaaay back to the earliest days of the hobby for me with Epic Mortarion, original Plaguebearers and the Realm of Chaos. In the theme of unchained, silly monsters, I offer my second Foetid Bloat Drone conversion.

This is a pretty simple conversion with the same idea as my last Maggoth Drone. This time, I wanted to make a lot of silly tongue and later include some Nurgle's Rot in the drool!

I am excited to get this painted up and in my Death Guard Army.

Also, here is a quick look at Morty:

So yeah, I am going to try Heresy Era colors potentially. Let me know if you have ideas or suggestions please!

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