Friday, November 3, 2017

Alpha Legion Obliterator Conversions from Primaris Aggressors!

TJ here with some Alpha Legion Primari ... um I mean Obliterators! In all seriousness, I love the idea of ALpha Legion getting their hands on Primaris Gene Seed and corrupting it! These Aggressor models make great oblits with some slight modifications. Let's see what I did ...

Basically, I did some scraping to get rid of all the imperial stuff. Then I added the gargoyle heads on the guns because I think of them as having a dragon or hydra theme. Then I added the lightning claws from the Calth Terminators set. I think overall it makes them similar yet different enough from Aggressors to suit my needs as oblits.

As for the paint, I airbrushed them Kantor Blue and Highlighted them with Temple Guard, then washed everything in Nightshade. I then added the hydra symbols and then did the hazard stripes and snake scales freehand.

The desert themed bases really seem to help showcase the dark models.

I absolutely loved painting and assembling these Alpha Legion Oblits and look forward to making much more Alpha Legion traitors from loyalist parts! Let me know what you think!