Monday, July 31, 2017

It Came From the Forums: Carchadons! Tribal Space Sharks!

Today I want to share something that blew my mind the first time I saw it; a Carchadon army by French artist, Malcharion. He has dubbed the original forum post "Carsharknado!" Let's take a look at the incredible, tribal force he has created!

Let's start off with this beautiful Automata and Tech Termie! Every inch of these models is covered in a canvas of incredible freehand markings and weathering. I also like the smooth conversions.

Here is a closer look at the shield.

Another great platform for subtle conversions and freehand.

This librarian here has so many subtle conversions and parts sourced from different kits, that I have lost track of them and can't tell what's a conversion swap and what's sculpted. I love the spear and the split paint scheme!

This fellow is a hero facing down several Night Lords in a diorama (but you will have to follow the link later in this post to see everything)! His markings are truly awesome.

This Assault Centurion conversion is buffed out with Orruk bits and looks like he may have been affected by his Raven Guard (not confirmed by Inquisition) corrupted geneseed!

Here is something you will see in Malcharion's army that really make his infantry stand out. He utilizes World Eater and Night Lords 30k models and bits to make incredible looking Shark models that really capture the ferocity of the chapter.

Here is another look at this great Leviathan!

He used his drop pods as art galleries where each side provided a mural for his tribal freehand!

I love this shark tribal!

Some serious plasma.

Another unforgettable character.

His forum post features a collection of rhinos with really intense freehand.

Some Space Sharks with a great looking contemptor in the background. Look at that World Eaters symbol repurposed for the sharks! Brilliant!

These termies are SICK!!!!!!

For more of Malcharion's incredible work please go to his forum post HERE

I love featuring artists like this here because it offers up a ton of inspiration. For instance, I have been pondering what loyalist chapter to use for my Space Marines and have really struggled. I have lately resolved to just make them Iron Warriors, but then posts like this show me that you can make loyalist Marine Chapters exciting. You just have to hunt the good stuff!

Here are a couple photos I pulled from Pinterest that were shared by somebody else (looking for the real artist), but I have a feeling they were inspired by the work of Malcharion. I think that is where we all hope to be someday; the inspiration to another generation of hobby, taking the next group to new heights as they stand on our shoulders! Anyway, go check out Malcharion's work! Let him know what you think!

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  1. I love how the "grill" on the dreadnought was painted to look like a shark mouth. Clever.