Thursday, July 20, 2017

Building a better Chaos Marine Tank! Vehicle Upgrades Done Right by The Dark Works!

 For years, I have wished somebody would make good Chaos gear for Rhinos, Predators, Land Raiders and well everything. Somebody finally made them!

I think the "Just add spikes" approach is lazy. Forge World once had the extra armor kits, but seems to have gotten out of the 40k traitor business, which is a shame.

Nowadays, what's a heretic astartes to do? I know: call the Dark Works and check out their stuff ...

As you can see, they offer some pretty great products for making your vehicles more Chaotic, from the rhino trim kit way up top to the awesome predator armorpictured just above (I am ordering three of those!). I haven't ordered anything yet, but these were recommended by Git, an artist we have featured here many times. Here is a link to his awesome thread.

They also offer tracks for all the vehicles sizes with Chaos patterns on them. No more scraping eagles off our treads ... hell, let's be honest, we just left them there.

So right now, the Dark Works is out of stock, but he said he isn't out of business, just delayed. Maybe we can create a need that pulls him back to his manufactorum to crank out some sweet kits (daddy needs a new set of preds!). Here is a link to The Dark Works! Check out his work and let him know what you think.


  1. I love his stuff, but he's been on hiatus and says he's eventually going to sell more full time... its 6+ months since anything was in stock.

  2. Very nice stuff, thanks for pointing the way!

  3. I've been waiting for years for some of his stuff to be back in stock.

  4. I've been waiting for years for some of his stuff to be back in stock.

  5. Those are great. The temptation is strong, but I suppose being out of stock settles that for now.

  6. *Steps out of a convenient shadow*

    Uhhh... Hello! My name’s Peter, and I’m the eccentric inspiration behind The Dark Works; a part-time project that gained a life of its own and is now starting full-time, I promise!

    After finding this I just wanted to take a moment and comment.

    Thanks for the positive feedback and trust that it is added to a considerable list of people who have contacted me about my studio. Your efforts are not in vain, and I promise that The Dark Works is [b]absolutely[/b] returning [i]very[/i] soon.

    After several years in college I am finally finished, and with ‘life’ now settling down, The Dark Works is now a main priority; the choice to study Industrial Design was made very deliberately, so what I learned could be applied directly into my studio, and it’s already started in the background. However, this also changes how I will be producing [i]everything[/i] moving forward, and it will simply take some time to sort out the new methods. Where in the past I would produce master prototypes with hands-on building almost exclusively, I am now using a combination of 3D printed components and by-hand fabrication. Finding the ideal 3D printing solutions for different components will simply take a bit of time and trial-and-error.

    I can assure everyone that everything currently available in my small shop will return, but while some kits are ready for casting, other kits require new moulds to be made (a time intensive task), and some kits will be getting a complete design overhaul to take advantage of the new skills and production methods now at my disposal. Therefor the exact order that kits will be returning is still uncertain for now.

    Thank you everyone who have been waiting, and I hope I can bring some very compelling products to my shop that will be worth the wait. Everything to this point really is just a small taste of what’s to come, and now that The Dark Works is full-time, things are going to start happening very soon. It’s taking a little longer then I was expecting to get back at this, but things are now getting properly sorted and up-to-speed.

    Kind regards,
    Peter ~ Subtle Discord ~ The Dark Works