Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Giving Something New a "Tri"

I feel compelled to post as friends and fans have asked me what is going on with my sudden lack of posting. I appreciate the concern, but I am fine. In fact I am better than fine. I am just starting out at my dream job, which takes a heavy certification process, and I am also training for my first triathlon on July 11.

For the first time in years, I am crushing 18 year olds in fitness and I am running 6 minute miles for extended distances.  My work community and my athletic community is positive and healthy, which can certainly be a contrast to what we see online in wargames many times.

That being said, wargaming is still going to happen. I am super into Infinity and am looking at Age of Sigmar. I plan to do some work this fall and winter on some new projects and am selling off some great stuff soon to fund those projects. I will probably post sales here, but right now if you look up "huge daemons lot" in ebay, you will find an awesome pile of conversion bits and models for sale.

I want to also get a post out about Ron Gamble's kickstarter, which is humming along,  so while you will see some posts dealing with that soon too.

In any case, I am fine and better than ever and more importantly happy. I will see you soon.


  1. Good luck with your first Tri! Its a fun sport, and addictive (in a different way than plastic crack). I try to balance fitness with wargaming, and find that things vary with the seasons.

  2. Same here on the tri comment. I love the sport. It's hard finding other wargamers interested in fitness. ;)