Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meanwhile at Forge World ... NEW CHAOS TITAN CONVERSION KITS!

Not only a Chaos Knight Titan Conversion kit, but also a Khorne Lord of Skulls conversion kit. Can't wait to see the rules. Looks like I won't have to convert the Blood Knight afterall!


  1. Sweet! They both look really cool

  2. They look damn great. Brutal power!

  3. They do look awesome!


  4. It looks pretty cool as a generic or Khorne version, but at the moment, all the canonical Chaos Knights are Slaaneshi, and it doesn't really work there.

  5. Aw, c'mon now TJ -- that sounds a bit lazy and not befitting of an excellent converter such as you ;)

    Seriously, though: While I really love the optional LoS legs (and hope they'll release them, although they might just have created them for that unbelievable Warhammer World display), I am feeling kinda underwhelmed by the Chaos Knight conversion parts. Granted, maybe these are just WIP and will end up looking much more spectacular, but I was actually expecting something far more stunning.

    On the other hand, this means there's no reason to be sorry for having converted my own Chaos Knight instead of waiting for the FW parts ;)

  6. The Lord of skulls on legs is actualy a specific khorne knight varient.
    finished ones can be seen in the khorne vs ultramarine diorama :)