Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dual Wielding Berzerker: Hollywood Zerk #4

TJ here with Hollywood Berzerker number 4. Gris, the dual pistol wielding zerk is a part of the original squad I converted back in 2009 and it feels nice to get some paint on him. Let's take a look at how he turned out.

The zerks are known for axes and hand to hand fighting, but shooting is a martial discipline and fighting with the bulky pistols from the original zerker kit looks like it would be just as brutal as I imagine mashing that weapon into an enemy's face and laying an explosive round right into his broken skull!

Otherwise, I imagine this warrior as one of the less devoted in the squad to the actual blood god and more of a old school Warhound who adapted as his legion changed and whose ultimate loyalties are to his brothers and not some distant emperor. Though his eyes have been opened to the primordial truth, he is a warrior first snd formost and while he distrusts gods as much as he does men, he also respects a power that doesn't require him to kneel, but to apply the skills he was born to wield.

I am really hoping my 32mm base adapters come in soon so I can get this squad up to size.

Of course you may be wondering if I managed to do any freehand on this one?

Down on his leg, the famous jaws of the world eater legion have been freehanded in with the same colors as the bolts, skulls and khorne marks the other zerks have.

Here is another angle on it.

This guy was a ton of fun to paint and I am debating doing the squad champion next or the semi possessed member. We will see.

Comments and feedback are always welcome and remember if your cybernetic implants are bothering you, just reap some skulls. That always works for me!


  1. Really like the subtle freehand on these guys. It's a pleasant surprise when you spot it!

  2. Great to see someone else working on a squad of converted Berzerkers! I somewhat lost steam on mine (was doing some as inducted from other legions/loyalist forces), but the two-gun look and the paint job are excellent!

  3. Liking him and the bit of fluff behind him only adds to it.