Friday, May 1, 2015

Alas Sicarius, I knew him well: Hollywood Berzerker #3

TJ here with another of my converted Zerks. This one has some massive bragging rights as he carries the helm of the Ultramarines' second company commander. I will let the reader decide whether that is Sicarius or perhaps some commander from the past. Anyway, let's take a look at the model:

Before we get too far down the rabbit hole, I just want to express how disappointed I am in photographing RED. It seems impossible to ever catch it in the way it looks in real life. The colors are either too dark or too vibrant or the sweet blends come out chunky as the camera fails to replicate the actual color and seems to overcompensate based on lighting either to be brownish or orangey (neither of which are real words!)

In any case, these photos did seem to come out closer to reality than my past photos of zerks #1 and #2.

This guy is not a champion, though he certainly has the makings. His name is Faruk and he honors his patron god with the skull of a fresh kill. He is one of the more devout of the squad and a constant threat to the squad's champion. His martial prowess has gained him much favor and the day he rises to challenge his leader will either mark the start of his path to glory or the road to bitter defeat and suicidal battle-rage.

As far as colors go, I paint all reds in Mephiston red, then begin the first highlight with Evil Sun, followed by Wild rider red, then a touch of Troll Orange. Then I cover it all in Bloodletter Glaze and then retouch the edged in Wild Rider and Troll Orange again. It creates the vibrant reds best represented in the photo above.

The Brass is done with an initial coat of Brass Scorpion, followed by the ancient color:Dwarven Bronze (brass? my label came off), then highlighted in Shining Gold (another old color).

These guys are really coming together and I am already pretty deep into the next model. This guy only had a minimum of freehand, but the next guy has a little shin art, so keep your eyes open for more Hollywood Berzerkers!


  1. Thanks man. I hate the way they photograph and I am going to try to figure out why red sucks so much for photos. It pisses me off because these zerks have legitimately been my best small model paint jobs, but they don't look it.