Monday, February 9, 2015

Spartan Games And Halo!?!

SeerK here from The WayGate once again.  This time with some news from Spartan Games.  So if you are not signed up for Spartan Games news letter, you probably did not see the big announcement today.  Spartan games has teamed up with Microsoft and will be producing a Spaceship combat game based on The hit console game Halo.  Not only that but they will also be doing a ground combat game.

This is pretty big news as it is Spartans first joint venture and their first Licensed IP game.  I am on the fence about it, but I ma hopeful this brings in the capital Spartan needs to really expand and ramp up and consolidate their core games systems.  The one we know and love and brought them to where they are now.

The fist two fleets to be released are a Covenant Battle group and an UNSC battle group.  These both are comprised of ships that will be very familiar to Halo fans and the Group composition, that is the class and size of ships, will be familiar to Firestorm Armada fans.

This is a pretty exciting time if you are a spaceship combat lover.  Firestorm Armada is really taking off.  There are several other games currently out and in development as well.  Needless to say its going to be very rough on the wallet.

I will have more info as it becomes available.  I am really hoping I have some info and stuff to display at Adepticon. Speaking of Adepticon, we are getting the final touches on the missions and all the terrain.  We have a couple cool things for the players that I hope will come to fruition in time.

We will also be doing a Primer tournament at Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan on February 22nd.  Registration starts at 10 A.M. and entry will be $10.00.  The Primer missions and rules for The Schaumburg Prime Offensive will be in full effect.  So come get some practice in and if you are not Attending Adepticon, come get in some games and get a feel for our tournament format.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always....


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