Friday, January 30, 2015

Out with the Old, In with the New: Models for sale!

TJ here and with the loss of some of my models due to thieves, I am selling off some old models that haven't seen the table in a while so I can buy more models to fit my current army themes and to make room for new ideas since some of my old ideas no longer have models to support them! Anyway, this may seem like a bad thing, but cleaning out my space, getting new models and also getting some of my favorites (and not so favs) into the hands of people who would use them, is always a positive experience. Let's take a look at what is up for grabs starting later this weekend.

Again, I otherwise would have been hesitant to move this, but I am inclined to move things in order to assist my friend and of course pick some new models up for myself. I will also consider reasonable offers before the items go on Ebay. Once listed however, it is in the hands of the bidders!

First up, we will take care of the light work ... bits, junky model lots ect before we get to some of the painted work, so if you aren't interested, take a look around. The lot above is for some stompa bits I was holding out for with the orks, but with them gone, I have no use for a giant chainsword or a huge cannon or stompa head (I never thought I'd say I have no need for a giant chainsword lololol).

This lot includes some termies, which can basically be used for conversion bits. A couple have combimeltas, a couple have spears (I know, wtf) and one has a metal claw of Horus. In the front are some Chaos scouts I built for a counts as army back in 2009.

Another lot will be for these junky Khorne Berzerkers. One is missing an arm, a couple weapons are broken, some are red, some are green ... not a bad way to get some cheap models to fix-up/ convert!

Now these are a little better. No junk here. These are my Word Bearers ... or at least they would have been if I hadn't changed my mind. The have all been airbrushed in such a way that they are shaded in the recesses and brighter on the top (zenithal highlighting technique) and some have been painted. In fact one was pretty much finished just to show what could be done with the quick scheme. There is one flamer in plastic and one in metal (only one metal model here) and all the other guys are basically bolter CSM. Not a bad way to get a small CSM army started.

This pic doesn't work for some reason, but basically it is for a lot of two junky rhinos that originally were ork looting bait.

This one is pretty self evident: Two CSM rhinos with Havoc launchers!

Here we have the Aegis Defense line mostly painted with a very daemonic looking item I use as a comms relay (not painted). The wall has a bunch of damage I made with my dremel, including partially removed imperial eagles and bullet holes and scrapes. I loved this thing, but let's be real, I am never going to buy a whole book just to use it!

These guys are awesome and served in my first Daemon army back in 2010-11. They were my Bloodletters and were meant to represent rabble that had been blessed by the Blood God and transformed into beast and bestowed giant brass weapons of murder. I love them, but they really don't fit into the angle I have taken my Daemons down, so I will be begrudgingly listing them this weekend.

These ... Now these are going to bring out the 40k ethics guys, but these Nurglings are awesome, have seven guys on each base, which is covered with worms AND totally isn't a GW product. The bases are resin, but the Nurglings should be metal and are not. I don't know where they came from, but I got them primed and painted them up. Again, they just don't fit the theme of my daemons. I would also take offers on these since I am sure that same ethics gang will hate them off of Ebay immediately!

Now we are going to get into the beef, the meat and potatoes, the bangers and mash; The painted models. This fellow here was my Khorne Lord on Jugger when the codex came out and when I wanted to run one with a claw and fist (pretty much the best build), this is the guy I ran. He is a FW berzerker on a plastic GW jugger. Not much sexier than that! One of these guys got stolen and another was recovered broken and there are two here I will be selling because they just don't fit the Yellow theme I have these days. This is an excellent way to get an awesome, painted World Eater Chaos Lord!

If Fists and claws aren't for you, this fellow has a shield and hammer, which I use to represent a Daemon Weapon and any other Chaos artifact I want him to carry. This guy has a FW Khorne termie head on a Forge World zerker body.

When I made this guy, he was the best thing I had ever painted or converted and while I am extremely fond of him, he is not making the table and that just isn't right (cue the sad ASPCA music). He deserves a good home where he can smite the forces of the imperium and set the galaxy in flames.

I could go on all day, but either Saturday or Sunday, he will hit Ebay, where all of the zerkers will get more photos and hopefully, people will be bidding like crazy.

So these guys just never got painted. I believed with all my heart we would get zerkers on Juggers and we did not. I have since used them as Bloodcrushers, but now they could easily get purchased and re-armed by a hobbyist who is also willing to paint them. This is a two-fer and could net the winner a couplke of boss HQ-potential model!

That is it folks. I may add more before they go on sale, but as of either the 1st of Feb or the 31st of January, they will hit Ebay for one week. I will post again to announce the sale and I will add links here then as well. Good luck and again, if you are serious about these models either leave me a way to contact you in the comments or hit me up on twitter (at)theTJAtwell. Follow me and I will follow you and then we can message (I guess that is how Twitting is done lol).


  1. Sorry to hear about the theft TJ - stay strong

  2. I'm interested in the nurglings and 'chaff' models.

    1. Shoot me an email at lukas(dot)atwell(at)g(ee)mail(dot)com. Let me know what you are thinking is a good price and we can negoriate privately

  3. Seeing you giving away those wonderful World Eaters on juggers makes me sad -- I'd pick them up in a heartbeat, if I didn't already have more (unfinished) jugger riders than I know what to do with.

    Here's hoping they'll go to a good home -- and for a good price, at that!

  4. Let me know about the chaos rhinos, defense line and powerfist juggy