Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It Came From the Forums: Hydra's Slaaneshi Master Conversions!

TJ here to drop in and dust off and old It Came from the Forums post from the legendary Hydra. It was odd to find him not sculpting amazing Tyranid models, but there they were, some of the best Chaos modelling work I have ever seen. Let's look at some seriously scary inspiration.

First off, I want to take a look at his superheavy work. This peice is part diorama and a tank as well! 

From afar we see the bodies tied into the guns ... but what is on top?

We are looking at a pile of bodies, daemon faces and a tortured chaos Marine soul, but let's get a little closer.

Check that guy out. This is clockwork orange meets 40k and it is amazing. I only wish there was a painted example!

The tank is a peice of art to say the least.

The weapon mounts are among my favorite parts of the model. The simple sculpt is perfect and really displays some of the darker images from the old chaos art.

Next up is an incredible apothecary, complete with skin clothing too!

Here he is all painted up. I love the tones and the departure from the traditional pinks is actually refreshing and shows what can be done without the expected colors.

The body being dragged off is incredible.

I love the head and the soreness expressed around the metal.

Here is a fresh take on Fabius Bile, which is a welcome update to his character while paying homage to the original form.

He even has his pimp cane.

Now if you arent old enough to see tiny plastic boobs, please turn away.

I have looked for ways to make my sponsons more chaotic, but never thought to use the actual space where the door originally was. I love this idea and may do something similar with plaguebearers.

The addition of the daemon faced sonic weapon is once again a welcome addition.

His thread can be found here. It is long outdated but still a good look into a very creative mind as he experiments with some very original ideas.

As always feel welcome to comment or give some feedback and ifnyou know about a great forum thread out there post a link!


  1. I already emailed you a few days ago, but since you asked for links to threads in the comments, I'll post my own thread here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/279118-army-log-hexfleet-virules-nurgle-csm-daemons-and-rh/

    The reason I emailed is because I thought you might be particularly interested in seeing the maulerfiends at the thread, considering your post from a few weeks ago on the same subject.

  2. Oh wow. I am sorry. I havent checked the DFG mail in a while because it staryed getting spammed while I was deployed. I will check it out right now.

  3. Those are amazing. Great Chaos feel!

  4. Agree, these are some amazing pieces of work. I love the purple marbling/warp effect on the tank.

  5. Hi TJ. I have a wacky dark eldar harlequin carnivale forum thread if you want to have a look :)