Saturday, November 8, 2014

Glottkin in 40k: Conversion Ideas YOU Can Steal!

TJ here with a post regarding my plans for the Glottkin bros. I will do other posts for my End Times Nurgle plans, but this post is all about getting the best value for my dollar on this kit, which I will have in hand very shortly. 

With no further delay, lets look at the brothers ...

First up and foremost, I want to give credit where credit is due, this is an incredible kit and a beautiful model. It stands alone as one of the best models produced in plastic in the history of miniature gaming. Kudos to the designers and sculptors who worked on this. You have set the bar high.

So the very first thing about the Glottkin that struck me was the arms. Ever since I made the Hell Worm, I have been obsessed with maggots and worms in my Nurgle design doodles and nothing screamed Hell Worm (Nurgle Heldrake) to me like these arms.

My plan is to take them and combine them with a little sculpting and make a worm whose head is the crazy mouth arm and body is the long whip arm. In the middle will be some sculpt work, which is where I will either build my own rotors like the Blight Drones or just use some wings from the zombie dragon.

In any case, it is going to look sick, take much less work than my initial hell worm and give me a heldrake, which normally costs about $85.

Next up is the lord, who with little effort can be a fantastic Nurgle Lord, who could be given a palanquin (using the Glottkins Nurglings) or I can slap him on a bike. In any event, I am getting a sweet character model from this guy for my Chaos Marines, which holds a value of about $26 if I base it on the clam pack heroes. The kit at this point has already paid for itself and we havent even gotten to the big model yet ...

Then we have the sorcerer who I will use as a demigouge for an IA13 army addition or just make it a herald for my daemons with little to no effort. Again, a huge value over a clam pack.

There are also nice banners ect which can be stretched out over an army in conversions ect. I will just match that small added value against the price of whatever bits or green stuff I use to convert the other parts.

Finally, you have an armless monster left over. Now you could convert him into a crazy maulerfiend, a sick soulgrinder, a great unclean one or even to count as the Forge World Great Unclean One super daemon. At this point the value travels between $55 and $170, depending on what you use hime for. (My mind is not made up yet). 

At the end of the day a moderately skilled converter with a bend toward the dark gods can pull a lot of value out of this kit. I will have a lit of fun based on this investment and haven't even touched the Maggoths or Blight Kings!

But that is it for my first post back from deployment. Thanks for staying with us and please, share your Glottkin conversion ideas with me. I would live to hear them or send me a link to your new work!


  1. Great analysis of the kit and what you can do with it; especially swapping out bitz and models for other projects. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. Are you planning on some WIP shots etc?

  2. Oh absolutely! I am going to whip the crap out of the WIPs all over this blog! I am really looking forward to it.

  3. I know one of our local players is planning on using him as a knight, since he is so huge.

    1. I have been thinking of it. I would like to see him next to a knight.

    2. Yes, this is what I'm going to do. He's going to be the core of my Gerantius, fighting alongside my other Chaos-converted Imperial Knights (pics of current ones over at

  4. Really great article. I've been considering dual purposing some of these new kits, and this analysis really helps max your bucks. Thanks!

  5. It's posts like these that remind me what it's like to be a converter with finances still in mind, yet still uncompromising in the creativity and awesomeness of the end result.

    Solid article my friend :)

  6. Here's what I'm doing with this awesome kit :