Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Hell Blade; Carrion Daemon Engine quick update

TJ here with an update on my recent DIY project; a budget Hell Blade made from bits and home made wings. Let's take a look at this monster.

Since my army is full of insane daemons and crazy beasts, I wanted this flyer to follow that theme! I need to do a ton of work but for the moment, I just wanted to show this monster off, talk about how it got here and maybe even solicit ideas.

So far, the face is made from a tyranid warrior mouth bit and a chaos daemon prince shin guard. I like the evil dragon/ carrion beast look it lends, though I may scrape off the rivets which kind of look like eyes.

I added some intakes from the Warp Talon jump packs.

The arms are mostly not set in place yet and at least one needs a wrist and thumb reversal, but I like the creepy, multi armed look!

The autocannons are basic for the moment but will be getting some evil treatments, maybe daemon faces, maybe not.

As the project rolls along, I plan to add some jets to the back and work on the creepy underbelly of this predator! As always, feedback and comments are both welcome and encouraged!


  1. Great looking possessed Hell Blade!
    How are the wings attached to the body of the fighter? It 'appears' that the wings are only
    slightly connected and there is a worry that the wings will break off during transport or play.

    I have two scratch built Hell Blades myself and I'm interested in how you will attach this
    model to its flying stand.

    1. In my next post, I will show how the wings are attached. It is clear to me that whether it is card or wood, the wings are where the greatest potential for breakage happens. Basically it took some parts from a wire coat hanger and the blessing of being possessed for creative liberty. I will likely have the flight stand figured out by then too.

  2. This is looking fantastic. Progress looks great. I like the spin you are putting on it to make it your own!

  3. So good to see you back in action, TJ! And with a most promising project, no less! I'll be honest: The wings didn't seem like much at first, but when I saw the Helbrute body, my curiosity was piqued ;) And you didn't disappoint: Not only is that a very creative use of a DV Helbrute, but I really love how the pilot's body seems to have grown and fused until it provided the main body for the very Hellblade! My favourite touches are the wonderfully creepy head and the multiple hands, allowing you to still see that ...thing as the vessel's original pilot.

    Very much looking forward to your next update on this project! I am sure it'll be glorious!

  4. Even though I am done with 40K I still love your conversions man. I think converting and modeling stuff is the only thing I miss about 40K.

  5. Thank you all. I am very close to revealing the complete conversion