Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Chaos Daemons and CSM models available from new Fantasy Release!

TJ here to talk about the upcoming Nagash releases for Warhammer Fantasy and how they are pretty much the best thing model-wise for Chaos converters to come along in a long time. Let's take a look at the new possibilities before us!
Ok so there are no names currently associated with these models, but they are coming and they are bold models with tons of options for Chaos daemons and Marines.

First up is the kit pictured above and directly below this paragraph. Whatever this is meant to be for Fantasy, it is a perfect kit for creating Daemon Princes. The armor is great to represent the gifted armor or the ornate power armor that has warped since the apotheosis of the daemon. The wings are great for a DP, but especially what we Nurgle fans have been looking for - undead wings that are to scale with a daemon prince and not obstructions on the table. Next the weapon is great as is and could represent many of the gifts or artifacts, but it could also be converted easily to become a scythe! Add that to the dead theme of the model itself and you have a great Nurgle Prince, which is especially nice if the fat and bloated image isn't your particular flavor of decay!

This alternate version has two weapons, meaning you could also represent the greater and less gifts for a DP or even a greater daemons! The stomach having all the skulls is also a nice touch and the head looks a little less goofy on this variant. I am a big fan of the different leg poses on these models. You could cut out the spirits and use some creative basing to get some dynamic poses from your models instead of that wide-legged pose the current DP has.

I rate this an A++ and a must grab for Daemon and CSM enthusiasts who need DPs!

Next up is this plastic spirit host. I like it but not for the reason everyone else may. I hate horrors. They are stupid looking and I have been seeking good alternatives. These seem like they would be great for psyker daemons ... but if they are a clampack, which they likely are, then they will probably cost too much to be practical. We will see.

MOTHER OF KHORNE! This bat-horse thing has a lot of potential. First off, I am going to ignore that head because I just won't use it, but the rest of this model is very exciting! Huge claws, armored-ish legs, a huge tail and tons of skulls ... yeah, this guy, with a little creative basing is going to become one of my maulerfiends. Hands down. The rider can also be repurposed as a Chaos Sorc with some conversion work or maybe a herald. But this kit seems to have more ...

Lich lady aside, this head variant is very cool. I have always been a huge fan of the eyeless look, so you already knew they had me here! You also get a better look at the armor and the skulls and bones that make up the body. This is very cool looking and much more exciting than the last Chaos release. Also, her sword is very nice and will likely become a Black Mace for one of my sorcs.

Finally, this pic shows the tail, which again, with reposing and some basing, will be a great feature for a maulerfiend. The rider also has the nice staff and some cape bits that would look great on a bike sorc (is there any other sorc?).

All in all, I see a ton of potential here and once again, Fantasy just has the best models for 40k conversions if you are a Chaos fan.

So now that you have seen them, what do you think?


  1. Don't play fantasy.
    Don't own any fantasy models.

    Buying these. I don't know what I'm going to use them for...but holy crap.

  2. Hey btw this is not Chaos...this is Undead leagions! =P BIG Difference my friend! They are Undead not chaos! Not to say you can't use them for Chaos at all! they actually look awesome!

  3. Stephen MacDonald, there is something to be said for somebody without the patience to read a post but the hubris to comment. Next time, I hope you read the first half of the first sentence of the article, but thanks for visiting anyway.

  4. Those are indeed some interesting models, mostly for the way they look completely different to any other GW and/or Undead model -- in fact, that may be my one problem with them: The slightly "WoW-ish" look they have.

    That said, you are of course right in that these will provide awesome conversion fodder, and chaos players might want to get in cue ;)

    Btw, if you're really going to purchase that huge flying dragon with Mannfred von Carstein on top and are not using the dragon head and/or Lich lady, feel free to send them my way -- I am reasonably certain I could make rather good use of them... ;)

    1. They would make some great INQ28 entries wouldn't they?

      I agree on the WoWness. I plan to convert some of that out, but it is certainly a departure.

  5. This is... a very good way to produce some Nurgle Heldrakes. Approved.