Monday, July 21, 2014

World Eaters Knight Titan Lord of Skulls Kitbash: Inspiration and a Plan!

TJ here. Ok, so it is no secret that I love huge conversions and evil machines/ monsters. For more than a year, I have looked at the Lord of Skulls and wished it was something else, something more. Then Imperial Knights came along and I got really excited, but figured the scale of the Lord and the Knight were off (the torso seemed way too big for the knight legs in photos ... but then I just kept getting bombarded with ideas.
The next big thing that came along for me was Gerantius, the Forgotten Knight. The knight who cannot be a warlord. This guy can run AND shoot? He gets a better WS AND rerolls 1s to stomp!? This didn't sound like some sort imperial lapdog to me, this sounded like a renegade. This sounded like the kind of fighter one would find in the service of the Blood God!

Now my blood started to pump and since then, I have been collecting images from the net comparing the two kits and then, wham, I found a kitbash!

Josh Wilson pulled this baby out in a thread on BoLS Lounge (also the model in the title pic) that I happened to find and has now set me off on a quest to build something monumental!

Now that I can see that these two kits marry up well, I plan to make my evil Gerantius-inspired World Eaters Knight.

I don't just want to whip it together, I want to make it a shrine to the blood god, like a giant robot Betrayer. My plan is to re position the legs to allow a more mobile stance, like a knight titan running (which will be a little more cumbersome that a Space Marine running, but there should be a distinct bend to the legs and a rotated wast position.

Ideally, I also want the axe arm to be fully extended and probably with the axe down and away behind the body as if the titan just took a large swing, which should correspond to the leg positioning. I then want to have the cannon (probably modified with an extended barrel fit with some fetishes to Khorne) pointed forward, as if ready to blast.

Finally, I would do a little scraping and re sculpting on the armor of its legs to make a distinct chaos feel to the whole model.

Paint-wise ... let's just say this model is going to get my best effort. I plan to use the paint to show off the model's dedication to Khorne and also the World Eaters Legion while also displaying a couple of cool things (ideally, i want to have some sort of mini mural on one leg, like Angron's Apotheosis or something similar.

I know that it isn't exciting to hear a guy talk about what he plans to do ... but while I am deployed it is the best I can do and honestly, I am so excited that I really needed to just get this off my chest! My ideas my sound lofty but I believe my past conversion projects have paved the way from me to arrive here and once I am home, I will begin to realize this dream.

The next logical question is what do you do with the other half of each model? Well, I really do like the concept of the Lord of Skulls, I just thought it was goofy and a little immobile looking for a Khorne model ... Nurgle on the other hand? This could work.

My first taste of this as a Nurgle model came from this great conversion:

Which now leads me to believe that perhaps the hunched figure of the Titan's torso, lurching over the cumbersome tank chassis would make a great Nurgle model. Next, I set to work finding out if they fit together ...

Now I cannot find the link to where I originally grabbed this, but combining some of the aspects of what Morbak did with the plow on his conversion and a healthy amount of nurgle converting, I think this is a good start to a potentially awesome conversion.

... or perhaps, a different god or a different application of the tank bottom could be better? Maybe I make a unique Lord of Skulls based on my Yellow army of the Apocalypse themes with Necron parts ect. Who knows? the main priority right now will be planning that glorious Blood Knight!

What do you guys think? Do you have any more inspiration that you have come across? Any links? Perhaps you just have some ideas? I am months away from getting home to start this project, so there is plenty of time to discuss this and I will appreciate your feedback at this formative stage!


  1. I think an excellent source of information for these type of creatures would be ID's DOOM series.

    That guy looks proper evil khorne!

  2. What, no love for my own Chaos Knight? Frankly, I am disappointed ;)

    Seriously, though, you might want to check out this Dark Mechanicum collection on Pinterest:

    It has lots and lots of amazing Knight conversions that might be helpful. There's also this conversion (just ignore the T&A):

    Oh, and the combination of the Knight torso and Lord of Skulls undercarriage would make a pretty cool Kaban Machine, if you ask me:

    To combine a Knight pair of legs with a LoS torso seems to be one of the holy grails for Khorne fans, doesn't it? After looking at the options long and hard, I eventually decided against it in favour of a fallen Knight, because the prospect of building a machine piloted by an actual human being just seemed more interesting than another Daemon engine. That said, I know the project will be in good hands with you, and I am looking forward to seeing any updates on this. Come to think of it, I might shoot you an e-mail with additional inspirational pictures for this project -- I've collected lots of stuff as part of my research into possible Knight Titan conversions ;)

    1. Thank you KS. I actually love your knight so far!

  3. Oh wow. My conversion is really get out there haha. Glad it inspired you!
    I'm actually making a second one at the moment, along with a Defiler Knight.