Friday, July 11, 2014

It Came From the Blogosphere: Rumplemaster's Yellow Necron Conversions

TJ here to introduce you to an artist known as Rumple Master and just one of his fantastic conversion armies, his Yellow, Rusty Necrons. Now as a fellow artist with an army of yellow, white and blue, rusty Necrons, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw these incredible conversions in my favorite scheme. Wonder what this huge mech is? Well, let's look together ...

RM has an incredible taste for conversions as you will see with this pilot and the rest of his aircraft as seen at the bottom of this post.

His crypteks are all characters, which drives me mad with envy as mine are all rather uniform! This one is so characterful, better than the finecast characters in my opinion. Look at these bases too!

Then there is this character with his small drone (what a cool concept). The model uses Destroyer parts, which is perfect for making a threatening figure.

This Deathmark is taking aim and sighting in. A subtle, but well done conversion.

I really like the shoulder pads and the lack of a lower jaw on this warrior. It makes it look more like an automaton, which is perfect for the near mindless warriors.

My favorite models in this army are the Annihilation Barges. He really went wild, using all Necron bits from multiple models to make a Canoptek themed alien mech.

Check out the back and see how thorough this conversion work is and the attention to scale and detail.

This one is my favorite. The half cron inside is sinister and the hands of the mech are inspiring. I plan to attempt those kind of claws very soon. This model is honestly the best Necron conversion I have ever seen and likely ever will.

This destroyer lord is a unique take on the twisted Despots of the Necron outcast realms. I like the arcs coming off the shoulders and the scythe.

Now I do have to wonder why another evil mech wouldn't do, but this command barge is very well done and once again, while I can compare mine, the paintjob is better and makes me want to challenge myself to take mine to new heights.

A Canoptek Spyder: This is an ugly mother ... in a good way!

Once again, RM gives us expert use of parts to create a mech with those articulate hands. This one is meant to be a C'Tan and I think it certainly fits the bill as a powerful being inhabiting a vessel. I really enjot the effort and the fact that only Necron bits went into the conversion.

Another great C'Tan conversion, this one reminds me of General Grievous.

Finally, there is the excellent Night Scythe Conversion. If only GW had made the original model this awesome! The wraith bits and the design (another nod to Star Wars) are so perfect.

For more (and this artist has many more projects), check out his blog here at and look through his pages and pages of projects. I spent a few hours there so far and have been massively impressed and inspired. I will never look at Yellow Necrons the same.


  1. Those are some of the most extreme and amazing necrons I have EVER seen.

    Stunning in their concept, design and execution.

    thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Wow. That is like.. a whole new layer of hobby excellence..