Monday, May 5, 2014

It Came from the Forums Quickie! Rickfactor Is Stepping it Up! Thousand Sons Maulerfiend!

TJ here with a really quick It Came from the Forums, which is going to be focused on an up and coming artist this time: Rickfactor! RF is all about color and transition along with smart conversion work, so lets take a look.

Aside from that brilliant and very well executed thousand son Maulerfiend above, Rickfactor is also a secret deciple of the Alpha Legion as you can see with these well painted gents above - of particular note are the power packs with the serpent conversions. Very subtle and very clean!

Also of note is a well executed dreadnought, worth checking his gallery for more pics ... see the link at the end of the post.

While my heart belongs to the dark gods, RF has a little love affair withthe sons of Vulcan and around this blog, who doesnt ... looking at you chris vinton! In all seriousness, this land raider is a great example of the warrior born and war torn Salamanders!

Some obligitory tac Marines with awesome glowing bases ...

... but what really blows my hair back in the salamander collection are the Firedrakes. These minis are incredible with dinosaur bone helmets, themed shielda and bits, third company parts and a spanking awesome paintjob. This is what you want your sallies to look like if you have the talent and this artist certainly does.

So check out more of Rickfactor's work here. He has much more than what I have displyed here in this post, including my favorite non necron xenos: the Orks! As always I encourage you to at least drop In and tell the artist what you think.

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