Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tons of Ebay Sales, Space Marines, Metal Chaos, a Huge Plastic Chaos lot and Some Old Terrain!

TJ here with another huge week of ebay sales as my Spring cleaning continues. This week, I am offloading more Space Marine stuff, some forge world, some lots with splashes of Necromunda in them and a ton of Chaos Marine and Daemons stuff. Just like my last sales, I only ship to the US and Canada (but feel free to tell me how unfair it is lol). Here are the lots:

The Dreadnought Lot with Forge World:

The dread lot has a ton of shooting and close combat weapons, including some Ironclad options. Also included is most of an Adepticon Walker and of course, two Forge World Dreadnoughts. Both are going to need a little work, but where else are you going to get everything you need to make two sick dreadnought conversions? Link at the bottom of the post.

The Space  Marine Lot with Scouts and more!:

So this lot is pretty big and includes a lot of scouts and Marines, in fact, there is an army worth of FOC and more going on in this lot.

There is a Land Speeder Storm, with a hull (built my me, so you know it isn't busted) plus all the bits and bases from the kit.

Also, there are 10 scouts, including two with meltaguns. There are two troop choices right there. Then there are also 15 Space Marines, including two with missile launchers, one with a flamer, one power fist sgt (classic metal model with the pointing fist).

In the metal bits included in this lot, there are 3 legion of the damned troopers (missing weapons), a Legion of the Damned Sgt, a classic Black Templar Emperor's Champion (missing sword, but also super rare), an old school tech marine, a casualty, Vulkan He'Stan's body, a ton of bits and some Dark Vengeance HQs.

additionally, the bits in the photo above are included.

Terrain Lot with a Land Raider and a ton of 2nd Ed/ Necromunda terrain:

The Mr Dandy Thunderwolf with Micro Art Studio base:

Metal Daemons Converter Lot:

Included are five Flesh Hounds (missing legs), most of a Nurgle Daemon Prince, Most of an old Fantasy Prince, 3 AWESOME nurgling bases and some bits.

Three Metal Oblits:

These guys are missing the little gun parts and a couple of heads, but this is a lot of NON-FINECAST oblits, so they will always be perfect once you have made them and added the little touches they need from your bits box.

The Metal Chaos Marine Converters Lot:

This lot has a little something for everybody in it. There is a big, partially converted Metal Daemon Prince included with some green stuff muscles and a crazy Penitant engine buzzsaw arm. I also included some metal wings for you to add to him.

Also, included in the metal lot are some random Necromunda Scavvy Models, some kind of Necromunda sorcerer, a Chaos Sorcerer body, most of a metal Fabius Bile, most of a Night Lords model Two Blast Masters, Ahriman's head and more. (check out my Ebay link for more photos).

Next up is the big Doozy, essentially a massive Chaos power armor horde ....

The Huge 85+ model Chaos Lot - look at ALL the pics because I couldn't fit It all in one photo!:

The first lot shows off a lot of Black Legionnaires (all of whom need some work) Also picture are some Chaos Terminators, bits (with winged packs and more), an Abbadon conversion and more.

Here is a look at the Abbadon Conversion ...

The termies have some odd weapons and will need to be re-fitted, but hey, it's basically a bits lot you could pretty much build an army out of. There's more ...

... a closer look at the bits ...

... and some more of the BL guys ...

... and another look, but there are still more models in this lot! Check out my Ebay link and you will find that this lot has over 20 khorne Berzerkers and also 21 Word Bearers, including the three below, making this a HUGE LOT!

In all seriousness though, these lots are all going to be great for anybody ranging from beginning hobbyists to veterans. All the lots need some work or extra bits, but we all have stuff laying around to work with, hell, I obviously have TOO MUCH laying around. I really want to help people connect with some cool stuff they don't see everyday and maybe even pick up some stuff on the cheap - in addition to getting it out of my house and putting a couple bucks in the hobby bucket. Here is a link to my store. The lots will be up all week, so check them out. I may be adding some painted stuff later too, so keep your eye on the store.


  1. Alright, everything is up now, thanks for your patience!

  2. Aw, man, there are so many chaos bitz I could use. But I'm a) in the wrong country and b) hate to buy stuff via ebay ;)

    Any chance you'll let your fellow DFG authors call dibs on the tastiest morsels the next time around? ;)