Friday, January 31, 2014

Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge!

Fly finally back again with some updates to, you know, the blog.

Life has been a little nuts but I've actually had some time to play some Warhammer. My last game was still the 3rd round of the TJ Must Die Open, which I did pretty well in.

Sadly, I've had some computer issues and had a lot of trouble getting the pictures posted. I know this is something I could fix with some time and effort, but when real life is stressful, the blog takes a back seat.
Warhammer is a stress reliever for me.
So I'm still looking to find time for the hobby. And time I have found!
I love the Independent Characters Podcast. You've probably listened before. If not, check it out on Itunes or at

Anyways, they are hosting a great contest called the "Hobby Progress 2014 Challenge" or something of the sort. Check it out here:
There is a rules thread. If you're looking at finally having a fully painted a built 2000pt army, this could be the swift kick in the ass that you need.
I'm planning on adding 2k of Necrons to my existing force. Follow my progress! And fret not, I WILL get my event report up.
I promise!

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